If Your Hockey Bag Stinks, ZZAAPPIITT!

Hockey bag sanitizer

The do-it-yourself portable hockey bag sanitizing system

We all know at least one hockey player whose equipment never leaves their hockey bag. If you’re that “guy,” now there’s a way to freshen up your gear while never unloading your bag.

The ZZAAPPIITT™system eliminates odor-causing bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew, and other harmful growths. You simply insert the ZZAAPPIITT™ into middle of your bag and turn it on, then zip the bag back up and leave it for 30 minutes (or longer, depending on how bad your stuff smells).

The ZZAAPPIITT™deodorizing/sanitizing system is a uniquely engineered, integrated UVC (ozone) system designed to dramatically reduce and control toxic compounds such as mold, mildew, fungus, formaldehyde, xylene gasses and tobacco smoke, along with infectious agents such as bacteria, influenza, hemolytic streptococci and many others.

ZZAAPPIITT™ will not affect your equipment, no matter how long it stays in the bag. It destroys bacteria and other harmful growths, while the excess ozone will dissipate back to oxygen. ZZAAPPIITT™ will work on wet or dry gear. With dimensions of 11? x 3 1/2? x 2 5/8? and weighing just 3 lbs., it’s lightweight and portable. The device is also Canadian made, and manufactured with 100% ULC components. It can easily be inserted into any sports equipment bag, bins, boxes, rooms, etc. Plus it has many uses other than just for sports gear:

Automotive/Boats • Household & Pets • Military, Police & Firefighting • Camping & Hunting • Accommodations and much more!


Don’t just mask odors with sprays— ZZAAPPIITT!

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