Youth Hockey Camps: A 2023 Guide

youth hockey camps
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If your child is serious about hockey, these youth hockey camps provide the perfect opportunity for them to continue to improve their skills.

When kids think of the off-season, what comes to mind? Most kids look forward to long days of playtime and no school, of course. But if your child is serious about their hockey, they look at summer break as the perfect opportunity to continue to improve their skills, performance and endurance for the game. And that’s where a youth hockey camp can prove to be valuable.

To help you in your search for a hockey camp for your child this summer—or anytime for that matter—we’ve compiled a list of some of the best youth hockey camps for 2023.  

The Top 5 Youth Hockey Camps

1. Massachusetts Hockey

If you intend to have your child develop essential hockey skills that will enable them to compete in top-rated tournaments on a global stage, you should consider enrolling them in the CCM High Performance at Massachusetts Hockey. Massachusetts Hockey will help your child improve his or her techniques in skating or goaltending. For several years now, this youth hockey camp has been accepting both girls and boys who seek intensive training. 

Participants in the CCM High Performance summer hockey camp—especially females—would enjoy working with renowned coaches such as Rachel Llanes and Blake Bolden. Llanes assisted the Boston Blades in winning the 2015 title, whereas Bolden was a first-round pick on the Canadian women’s hockey team. These and other top coaches will instruct your child on the important aspects of the game.

2. Connecticut Chiefs Elite Skills Camp

The primary purpose of this elite youth hockey camp is to help your child develop skills such as passing, foot speed and puck control. Since hockey is a game that consists of various positions on the ice, the Connecticut Chiefs camp meets his or her specific demands. 

Interested candidates will work with Ike Corriveau, a 20-year veteran of the National Hockey League. 

3. UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex Camp

Would your child jump at the chance to experience the training facility of an NHL hockey team? We’re sure that would be a definite “yes!” Then you might want to sign them up at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex, where the Pittsburgh Penguins train. This hockey camp offers a number of different clinics and facilities for youth hockey players. 

The UPMC summer hockey camp offers your child the experience of what it feels like to be a professional athlete. Campers get to interact with sports medicine staff, trainers and coaches who instruct and oversee the development of pro hockey players. Kids can also get an opportunity to get a mentor and establish a long-lasting network in the sport. 

4. Top Dog Weeklong Summer Camps

This summer youth hockey camp accepts campers of several different age levels. Upon enrolling at this training facility, you can elect to join one of the five locations around Minnesota on the basis of your child’s age. Standout youth athletes can also participate in accelerated camps at Top Dog

One advantage of joining this training facility is learning from college hockey goalie Justin Grant. His experience with the Quad City Mallards is also impactful for the participants. Lastly, it would be a great opportunity to learn from Derrick LaPoint, who was a 2006 fourth-round NHL draft pick for the Florida Panthers. 

5. Scorer’s Edge Hockey

Girls and boys of all ages looking for private hockey lessons during the summer break should consider Scorer’s Edge. This camp focuses on conditioning and strength training. In particular, youth hockey players participate in moderate-to-vigorous workouts that complement the technical skills of hockey. 

After gaining experience while serving the Milwaukee Junior Admirals as the Director of Hockey, Matt Murray founded this hockey camp. Some of the renowned players in this sport attribute their success to the Admirals. 

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Other Youth Hockey Camps

3O3 Hockey & Training Center

Does your child aspire to join one of the top youth hockey camps with a legend who is in the Hockey Hall of Fame? If so, consider joining 303 Hockey. Based in Osseo, Minnesota, this camp prides itself on having Gordie Roberts, whose hockey career dates back to 1975. His experience in the NHL as a pro scout and assistant coach of the Montreal Canadiens and the Phoenix Coyotes is a benefit for youths who choose 303 Hockey. Both boys and girls can join training facilities of various age levels.

Ice Hockey Pro International

Your child is not limited to attending a hockey camp in the US or Canada. Ice Hockey Pro International offers youth hockey players the chance to participate in hockey training camps around the world. They hosted the 2017 event in Helsinki and Paris.

Those who are passionate about the game and its possibilities for a future career in the NHL will select this camp. With Pittsburgh Penguins’ skating coach Maxim Ivanov heading the camps, your child will have an opportunity to learn important hockey fundamentals. 

Townshend Hockey

Are you seeking a camp where your child can gain the skills in skating required to succeed in the game? Townshend Hockey offers the chance to train like a pro. Located in Saco, Maine, Townshend Hockey is owned and operated by Graeme Townshend, who has played and coached at every level, including the NHL.

Townshend took advantage of his vast experience in the game to establish this camp. Youth hockey players can benefit from the instruction offered at this facility at any time of the year. This camp boasts the lowest student-to-instructor ratio in the industry, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of the learners. 

This article provides information on some reliable youth hockey camps, and many options exist worldwide. There is still time to select a camp for your child, but don’t delay. Summer will be here before you know it. is reader supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more.

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