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Women’s Professional Hockey: Breaking the Ice

John Mac

The introduction of women’s professional hockey provides a platform for female hockey players to compete at the highest levels

By David Franco

As the inaugural season of the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) unfolded, it marked a significant chapter in the evolution of women’s sports. It highlighted the prowess, challenges and unique aspects of female hockey players. This exciting new league not only brings to light the talents of these athletes, but also their journey in a sport historically dominated by men.

Triumphs and Challenges

The introduction of the PWHL has provided a structured platform for female hockey players to compete at the highest levels. Currently the teams are based in major North American cities like Montreal, Toronto and New York, as well as Boston, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Ottawa. The league features a 72-game regular season followed by playoffs, all of which ensure ample exposure and competitive play.


Yet, the journey to this point has not been without its challenges. Despite the growth in popularity and the establishment of a professional league, women in hockey often face disparities in pay, media coverage and resources when compared to their male counterparts. The establishment of the PWHL is a major step toward bridging these gaps. Significant backing from business and philanthropic leaders, together with the involvement of prominent figures like Billie Jean King, highlight a commitment to long-term sustainability and growth.

Unique Aspects and Coed Dynamics of Women’s Professional Hockey

Historically, female players have often participated in coed leagues, presenting their own set of challenges and learning opportunities. Women in these environments frequently report having to adapt to faster-paced games and different styles of play. These can significantly enhance their skills, but they also highlight the physicality and strategic differences in how men and women approach the game.

The presence of women in coed leagues has also fostered a greater sense of inclusivity and mutual respect among players, contributing positively to the dynamics of the sport. However, the creation of a women-only professional league allows female athletes to compete on an even playing field, where their skills can be the sole focus, free from the comparative shadows of male leagues.

Standout Players of the PWHL’s Inaugural 2024 Season

Several players in the Professional Women’s Hockey League have made significant impacts in the early part of the 2024 season. Here are just a few of the standout players:

Kristen Campbell – As a goaltender for PWHL Toronto, Campbell has been a key player, showcasing a 1.99 GAA in 22 starts. That tops all goalies with nine or more starts during the season thus far. She has demonstrated remarkable confidence and mental toughness, contributing significantly to Toronto’s first-place standing.

Alex Carpenter – A standout player for PWHL New York this season, Carpenter has displayed her skills as an offensive powerhouse. Her role as a center has impressively contributed to her team’s success over 24 games. Carpenter has amassed 23 points, comprising 8 goals and 15 assists, which places her among the league leaders. Her prowess on the power play is notable, having scored three PP goals and assisted on seven more. Furthermore, her effectiveness in face-offs boasts a win percentage of 59.0%, demonstrating her critical role in possession and play making for her team.

Natalie Spooner – Spooner continues to be a pivotal figure for PWHL Toronto, not only through her leadership but also through her exceptional skill on the ice. In 24 games, Spooner has accumulated an impressive 27 points, with 20 goals and 7 assists, making her one of the league’s top performers. Her scoring efficiency is further emphasized by her shooting percentage of 19.8%, and she has been especially effective on the power play, contributing seven power play goals. Spooner’s face-off skills are also remarkable, winning 58.3% of her attempts, which underscores her all-around game and her influence in both offensive and defensive plays.

Renata Fast – Playing alongside Spooner for PWHL Toronto, Renata Fast has been integral to the team’s defensive strategy. Fast’s experience, particularly on the international stage, complements her robust defensive play in the league. Her known capabilities and past performances suggest her continued role as a stabilizing force on Toronto’s back line. Her partnership with Spooner not only enhances team chemistry but also fortifies Toronto’s defense, allowing them to contend strongly in the league.

These players are just a few examples of the talent emerging in the league’s premiere season, each bringing unique skills and leadership to their teams. Their performances have certainly set a high standard for the season.

Expanding Horizons: Betting on Women’s Professional Hockey

The inception of the PWHL not only enhances the visibility of women’s hockey but also introduces new dynamics into the world of sports betting. With the league’s establishment, hockey betting lines have become a frequent discussion, offering odds on games and even forecasting outcomes for the playoffs. As the league gains more traction, it is expected that betting platforms will start providing more comprehensive coverage, similar to men’s leagues.

This inclusion in betting circles not only amplifies interest in the women’s league but also adds a layer of excitement and engagement for fans, potentially increasing viewership and fan interaction. Moreover, just as the Stanley Cup odds capture the imagination of hockey fans worldwide, the PWHL championship odds have ignited passions and debates among enthusiasts, heralding a new era where women’s hockey claims its rightful place in the sports betting world.

Community and Legacy: Building Beyond the Ice

The PWHL is not just about competition; it is a community and legacy in the making. Beyond the rink, the league actively engages with local communities to promote sports among young girls, aiming to inspire the next generation of female athletes. Through clinics, workshops and partnerships with schools, the PWHL seeks to make hockey more accessible and appealing to girls, breaking down the stereotypes associated with the sport. These community-engagement initiatives not only help to build a robust fan base but also ensure that the league has a lasting impact on sports culture.

The focus on legacy is evident in how the league prioritizes sustainability and growth, aiming to leave a positive mark on the sports world that transcends seasonal games and annual championships. This holistic approach to building a league emphasizes that the PWHL is more than just a sports league; it is a catalyst for change and a beacon for inclusivity in sports.

Coping and Competing

Coping mechanisms for the pressures of professional play in a newly established league can vary widely. Many players draw on their extensive amateur or collegiate experiences, leaning on mental toughness and team camaraderie developed over years of facing similar challenges. The structured support within the PWHL, including a comprehensive draft and free agency system, aims to build not only competitive teams but also a supportive environment that nurtures player development and mental health.


As the PWHL progresses, it will undoubtedly continue to shape the landscape of women’s hockey. The league not only provides a platform for showcasing elite talent but also sets a precedent for the treatment and representation of female athletes in professional sports. By focusing on the unique needs and triumphs of these players, the PWHL is not just breaking the ice in the literal sense; it is also breaking down barriers, making it a landmark development in the sports world. The future looks bright, and as more seasons unfold, the impact of this league is expected to resonate across all levels of women’s sports, inspiring the next generation of athletes.

The ongoing success and the vibrant narratives emerging from the league are a testament to the resilience and dedication of female athletes, asserting that the world of hockey is no longer just a man’s game but a dynamic sport where women thrive and lead.

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