Two-Corner Power Play Drill

two-corner-power play drill

The Two-Corner Power Play drill, courtesy of the experts at Hockey Coach Vision


The Two-Corner Power Play drill focuses on improving power play skills with a lot of player and puck movement in a small space.

Two-Corner Power Play Drill Description

To begin, set up two nets low on the goal line, with two teams 4 on 2 in both halves of the end zone. The coach initiates 4 on 2 play by passing to one attacking team. Upon recovering the puck, the defenders or goalie can move the puck to the other side of the ice to their players, to continue the 4 on 2 play. 

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Key Points

  • Great drill for sharpening power play skills
  • Objectives are quick puck movement and development of scoring chances in a short time period
  • Coaches should alternate sides when making the first pass to start play
  • With limited numbers, on each change of players two attackers can move to the other side to defend
  • Shift lengths can be 25-40 seconds in this game
Two-Corner Power Play

About Hockey Coach Vision…

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