“The Snake” Hockey Shooting Drill


Simple to set up, this hockey shooting drill teaches some profound concepts


By Jeremy Weiss, B.S., Exercise Sciences


This could be the most basic hockey shooting drill out there. But it is also one of the most effective because of the concepts that can be applied to any skater. Remember to have your players shoot in stride if they’re on their forehand, and to use their Inside Mohawk if they’re on their backhand. See the diagram and explanation below:

The Snake Hockey Shooting Drill

Option 1

    1. Players line up in the corner
    2. On a whistle, the first player in line skates up and around the top of the circle, attacking the “seam” (the player that occupies the center lane of the ice)
    3. If on the forehand, player shoots in stride. If on the backhand, player executes a Mohawk and shoots from the forehand
    4. After the shot, players line up in the opposite corner


The Snake Hockey Shooting Drill

Option 2

  1. Basic snake. Add coaches (if possible) or other players as “plants” for token resistance
  2. Start by drive-skating through the plants, using puck protection
  3. Then switch to an outward facing inside Mohawk as the protection move at each plant


The Snake Hockey Shooting Drill

Option 3

  1. First player leaves without a puck
  2. Next player in line passes the puck out for a one-time shot
  3. Use the Mohawk if on the backhand

Jeremy Weiss currently owns and operates Weiss Tech Hockey Schools, offering development camps, private lessons, team consulting, and coaching instruction. One of his core philosophies is to combine “European skill and finesse” with “North American strength and toughness.” He recently brought his hockey knowledge online with his Hockey Drills and Skills blog, Weiss Tech Hockey.

Look for more drills, coming soon!

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