Wax Wrap Wax Hockey Tape

By Warren Tabachnick


As one who plays recreational hockey, I had the opportunity to test some Wax Wrap wax hockey tape myself just last night. With the way I play, I always figure that nothing could salvage my game at this point. But I was amazed to discover that the puck seemed to bond with my stick: I was both catching and making crisp, tape-to-tape passes—something that doesn’t happen too often for me!

Action Tapes, maker of Wax Wrap, has spent four years developing its new line of pre-waxed hockey tape, including 18 months of research in finding the right wax, and an additional two years for perfecting the wax application, building the wax coater, and matching the wax and adhesive. Wax Wrap is the only provider of pre-waxed hockey stick tapes in North America.

The Evolution of Wax Wrap

For its hockey tape, Wax Wrap developed an adhesive system that increased the adhesion of its tape while resisting flagging. With this in hand and with the help of customer feedback, they developed a coater to apply wax to cloth stick tape. After intensive product development and testing, Wax Wrap has been approved and is now ready to put it into the hands of all hockey players.

Why Wax?

As a hockey player, you know that snow will inevitably appear on the ice, on the puck, and on your stick blade. Wax hockey tape reduces snow and ice build-up on the stick blade; and less snow means better puck control, more accurate shots, and more goals. The wax coating on Wax Wrap pre-waxed hockey tape is consistent and accurate, unlike hand waxing, which can be lumpy and uneven. Their wax is softer and tackier than the candle or other wax you may use, giving you increased puck control.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Wax Wrap’s adhesive is the best in the industry for reduced flagging. Plus the slitting is designed to reduce stringing, and their unique processing makes it easier to separate multi-pack rolls. For a team pack roll, the incremental cost to use Wax Wrap is approximately 12 cents per stick blade (according to their testers, off-the-shelf stick wax can cost as much as $1.00 a stick). With pre-waxed hockey stick tape, you’ll never have to wax your stick again.

Look for Wax Wrap at your favorite pro shop.

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  1. Both my son and I use Wax Wrap. He plays much more regularly than I do, which I was concerned about. Having my twig not in use…would the tape be less effective? NOT A CHANCE. I play 2 to 4 times per month yet I still have no issues with the tape splitting or taking on too much snow or water.
    Great stuff, highly recommend you give it a try.

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