REVIEW: Tron-10 Hockey Gloves


By Warren Tabachnick


Hockey players know that hockey gloves are expensive because they need to be replaced more often than most items in your hockey bag (yeah, it sucks). If you’re looking for a hot pair of gloves but are not willing to drop as much as a $150 on them, the Tron T-10 “Danglers” by are for you.

These gloves don’t compromise on style: They come in either brown for that retro look, or black for those with more conservative tastes. Their snug design and handsomely stitched lettering will make you the envy of the league.

I got to sample the Tron T-10s just the other day. As I slid my hands into these mitts, it almost felt like they were velvet gloves; they provide an amazingly plush feel for the ultimate in comfort. These babies just scream quality in construction, from the well-padded tips of the fingers right down to the wrists. And—no joke—before I even stepped out onto the ice, I was showered with compliments over them.

The extra reinforcement on the outside edges of the Tron T-10s gives me peace of mind, as does the generous padding throughout. The flexibility provides maximum performance, while the sturdy wrist cuffs protect you from those slash-happy goons. Plus, the palms are lined with a double layer for long-lasting durability.

Since these hockey gloves have somewhat of a snug fit, some of the older players among us might instead opt for a more traditional, looser fit. If that’s your preference, the Tron 5000s will suit you better. This model is basically the same glove, only more loose-fitting and the lettering is screened instead of stitched.

The bottom line: The Tron T-10 gloves by will leave you thinking you bought custom gloves, and your wallet wondering if you quit playing hockey altogether with how much money you just saved. While a comparable pair of competitors’ gloves can set you back as much as $110 to $150, you can slip your mitts into the Tron T-10s for just $84.99CDN/$79.99USD.

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