Review: Sweat X Laundry Products for Athletes

Sweat X Laundry Detergent review

Sweat stains and odors no more with these products from Renegade Brands, a company owned and operated by athletes

 By Warren Tabachnick

Sweat X Laundry Detergent review for athletesSweat X Laundry Product: Extreme Sportswear Laundry Detergent

Sweat X Extreme Sportswear Laundry Detergent is an industry-leading, sports laundry detergent that lifts and removes set-in odors and stains such as mud, clay, blood, grass, and dirt from active wear, specially formulated for athletes. Unlike their competitors who rely on scented detergents to mask odors, this Sweat X laundy product actually removes and lifts sweat beads from sports equipment, because their proprietary cleaning molecule is subatomic or nano in nature. It is actually small enough to penetrate underneath the sweat bead and remove it from fabrics forever. It also removes stored bacteria housed and incubated in those sweat beads lodged in smelly gear.

I recently put it to this product to the test, washing my jersey, socks and compression shorts. The items came out perfectly clean, with vibrant colors, and smelled daisy fresh.

Sweat X is 100% non-toxic and has no dermal impact; it is even safe for individuals with skin allergies. And with a nearly neutral pH, it’s safe to use on all types of fabrics and can be used in any type of washing machine including high-efficiency models.

One bottle of Sweat X will wash up to 45 loads of laundry. $19.99 for a 45-oz bottle.

Sweat X Extreme Odor Eliminator SpraySweat X Odor Eliminator review for athletes

If you’re tired of sweat stench ruining your gear, you’ll apprecitae this Sweat X laundry product. Sweat X Sport Extreme Odor Eliminator is the solution. As the manufacturer claims, with its smell of victory scent, Sweat X virtually wipes out that “baked-in” sweat stench and odor to thoroughly clean pads, shoes, helmets, gym bags, gloves, shin guards and more, leaving equipment smelling like new.

Not one to accept these types of claims at face value, I eagerly gave this a try. Personally, although I always hang my gear up to dry after a game, there’s still that residual odor. So I pumped a few sprays of the Odor Eliminator on all my gear—shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin guards, gloves, including my helmet. And I didn’t stop there. I opened my son’s hockey bag (the contents of which haven’t seen the light of day in months) and removed every foul-smelling piece of gear. Following the instructions, I sprayed his hockey equipment and then allowed them to dry.

The Verdict: True to their word, the Sweat X Sport Extreme Odor Eliminator did as promised. $12.99  for an 8-oz bottle.

Sweat X Stain Remover Spray for athletesSweat X™ Sport Stain Remover Spray

Athletes are tough on their clothes. From clay on the baseball diamond to grass on the soccer field, athletic stains are some of the most difficult to remove….until now. For the toughest stains, unleash Sweat X™ Sport Stain Remover spray. Sweat X™ features nano-technology, a special formulation that lifts and removes the toughest stain particles—mud, blood, clay, grass, dirt, even chocolate and wine—from the inside out, leaving fabrics looking like new.

Safe for all types of fabrics, 100% non-toxic and completely biodegradable. $9.99 for a 16-oz bottle.

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