The Puck Passer Pro Puck-Passing Machine


By Warren Tabachnick

We can all use a little help with catching a pass sometimes (I know I can). The Puck Passer Pro is a portable ice hockey puck-passing machine that gives hockey players the chance to practice game-time skills, both on and off the ice. Players can receive passes on just about any smooth surface, including a shooting mat, sealed driveway, cement, synthetic ice, garage or basement floor (just don’t tell Mom!), and of course the surface we love best, ice.

The Puck Passer Pro specializes in manufacturing the highest-quality puck-passing machine on the market today. With the ability to adjust both speed and passing intervals, the Puck Passer Pro gives you the chance to practice receiving passes and shooting when you are alone, like never before. Check out these amazing features:

• Passes pucks up to 40 mph, at anywhere from 2- to 16-second intervals
• Holds up to 18 pucks at a time
• Durable push buttons control pass speed and interval
• LED control panel
• Rugged carbon-steel construction with powder-coat finish stands up to harsh environments
• Custom motor with oversized shaft
• Puck-loading arm assembles and disassembles easily. No hardware required!
• One-year warranty
• Made in the USA

For more information visit their website:

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  1. Hmm that phone number doesn’t work. It goes to the personal assistant of an Aaron Johnson with print company.
    DId they go bankrupt? I would like to buy the rights for this device.

    • Sorry, Burton. We have been unsuccessful in trying to reach this company as well.
      I suggest you try the Patents & Trademarks website for further information. Good luck.

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