Product Review: JayBird Sport Bluetooth Earbuds


Amp up your training and pregame warm-up with these hot Bluetooth earbuds

By Christopher Costa

Today, everything revolves around technology, especially hockey. The lightest sticks, the quickest skates and the most comfortable, non-existent equipment are all at the forefront of the game, even something as simple as a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. You’d be hard pressed to walk into any hockey arena and find amateur, rec, or junior players not wearing large, bulky headphones. Everyone seems to be trying to find a way to get “in the zone,” and why not? A good playlist can get you really fired up for your game. But it has to be cumbersome to warm up with bulky headphones, a cord, and smartphone or MP3 player, right?

When JayBirdSport offered me a pair of these Bluetooth earbuds to test out, I was all ears (no pun intended). I’m not a huge headphone guy, but I felt everyone should know about what options you have. JayBird provides users with full-featured, patent-pending, X-Fit technology for both in-ear and over-ear models. Pair them with Bluetooth, sweat-proofing and studio-quality sound and you’ve got a product that may rival the best of them.

So how does JayBird accomplish X-Fit? They provide you with 3 sets of tips to fit all ear sizes that can be used for both, in- and over-the-ear? For the over-ear configuration, the X-Fit utilizes patented ear cushions that grip inside the ear to keep the buds locked into place. Just be sure to follow the guide provided to make sure you have everything right; definitely one thing I highly recommend you do. Once you have right length for your head, the BlueBuds X have a tendency to stay in place.

As for comfort, once you figure out which tips and cushions fit best, there’s really no room for complaints. Even though the buds aren’t listed as being noise canceling, it’s really difficult to hear others around you, which is ideal for those who really like to zone out before warm-ups. I prefer the over-ear fit, because it locks the buds in place, even when sweaty. OK, so they might fit well. But how do they sound?

Your tunes are pumped through with 103dB @ 12mW RMS output through Bluetooth 2.1 sound via Shift technology. The phones have the ability to connect to any smart device seamlessly and hold a max of 8 connections. Pairing is ultra simple: Basically, just turn on, discover, and you’re hooked up. For a small package, the BlueBuds X put out full, rich sound, truly ideal for audiophiles. JayBird claims the buds produce studio-quality sound, which I definitely have to agree. They also work really well when utilizing the built-in EQ settings in any i-device.

If you’re the type who must have music during off-ice training, JayBird incorporated a sweat-proof Liquipel coating that’s lifetime guaranteed. Since hockey players shouldn’t be running long distances, there’s no need to worry about battery life; it lasts for 8 hours.

Considering the price of headphones today, the BlueBuds X are not the cheapest way to go. But I will say they give you quite a bit of bang for your buck, as well as provide waterproofing that others just don’t guarantee. For the hockey player, BlueBuds X are a no-brainer. Since most off-ice training requires a lot of shifting, speed and agility, you need headphones that will work with you. Straps, cords, and bulky headphones interfere with your ability to train at your maximum potential.

That’s just not acceptable in the hockey world.

Christopher Costa is a hockey training specialist. His life has revolved around hockey, as a coach, player and official for 22 years. His training protocols address all key aspects in producing elite talent, including nutrition. For more information check out or contact Chris at is reader supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more.

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