Principles of Hockey Offensive Team Play

Hockey Offensive Team Play
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Hockey offensive team play is puck management. Simply put, that’s when your team has possession of the puck. Speed is an important factor in executing a hockey offensive team play. Here are four principles with a few basic tips:

  1. Pressure
  • Quick up: Move that puck
  • Speed: Keep those wheels turning
  • Vision: See the ice from every possible angle
  • Communication: Talk to your team mates
  1. Support
  • Creativity: Be creative with the puck
  • Create shooting lanes
  • Read and react: Watch what your teammates—and your opponents—are doing
  • Communication
  1. Puck Control
  • Timing: In hockey as in life, timing is everything!
  • Move It: Keep that puck quickly in motion!
  • Read the Pressure: Look where the other team is positioned
  • Communication
  1. Transition
  • Awareness: Keep your head on a swivel
  • Puck Recovery: Learn to retrieve the puck when you do not have possession of it
  • Play without the Puck: Make yourself visible. Always keep your feet moving to be a passing option for a teammate who’s got the puck.
  • Communication: We can’t stress this enough!

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