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Play Better Hockey: 5 Easy Ways

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You can play better hockey by following these simple tips

Ice hockey is growing at a rapid rate in the US, and the game literally defines what it means to be Canadian. Hockey has also become a major sport worldwide.

Such is the excitement that hockey games deliver, though, that it also finds favor in places such as the UK, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia. With plenty of goals and hard-hitting action, it is easy to see the appeal hockey has. Whether professional or recreational, every hockey player looks to play better hockey.


With the burgeoning sports betting scene taking the world by storm, it is not just watching the game that fans love. Many also like to bet on top leagues like the NHL. This is very true in the current campaign, where the race for the NHL’s top prize is as thrilling as ever.

According to World Sports Network (, 2022’s Stanley Cup odds and predictions show that there should be a tight battle between a few top teams to lift the trophy come season end. If you enjoy betting on hockey, checking out the latest odds and predictions is a great way to get closer to the Stanley Cup race.

In addition to watching and betting on hockey, more and more people also love to play it. The game is very popular across the globe, giving amateur athletes the chance to further indulge their love for the sport. For rec hockey players, it is always worth keeping up with good hockey habits that will help them improve their hockey skills.

Here are 5 easy ways that every amateur hockey player can use to play better hockey:

Keep a Low Center of Gravity

One of the best tips for improving as a hockey player is simply to stay low to the ice. So why is this tip such a good one? In short, staying low means you keep a low center of gravity when playing. This provides you with a firmer stance while keeping you steadier on your skates.

To stay even more rooted on the ice, try to keep your knees slightly bent, your feet hip-width apart, and your stick on the ice. You’ll be surprised at what an improvement all that can bring to your game.

Heads Up!

While having a stable stance is key to performing well in hockey, keeping your head up is also important. That’s because it enables you to always see what is happening on the ice and be alert to developing plays. Staying alert means you can put yourself in a position to receive that killer pass. If you keep your head down, you risk taking a hit or colliding with another player—including your own teammate.

Communication is Key

Whether you play the game or not, you know that hockey is a team sport and one that relies on working with others for success. As a result, clear and constant communication between teammates is crucial. It is important to work at becoming a better communicator on the ice.

Try to stay attuned to signals—verbal or not—from your teammates when playing, and do not be afraid to speak your mind (positively and respectfully) during a game. Both of these things will help you to bond more with your teammates, while giving your team the chance to stay in control of the game.

Stay in Shape

Although most recreational hockey players do not need to achieve the elite fitness level of a pro, one simple tip you can easily follow is to stay in good shape. Maintaining your fitness level is key because it means you will have enough stamina to perform well throughout the game. In addition, it keeps your body strong enough to withstand the physical rigors of hockey, and enables you to skate faster.

In terms of specific training, it’s a good idea for rec players to focus on aerobic-based workouts to help increase their speed. It is also worth spending time building up your leg strength, so you can skate effectively with all that gear on. For more tips on this subject, check out this article on how to train like the pros.

Watch What You Eat

Proper nutrition is essential for hockey performance. Especially before you play, you’ll want to avoid the fat, greasy foods that tack on the calories. Instead, opt for whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables.

The Bottom Line

No matter your skill level, it’s likely you are always looking for ways to improve your game. Most of the steps you can take do not involve complex methods. More often than not, the simple tips for hockey players to follow are the best ones.

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