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Staying Out of the Penalty Box

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By G LaForge

The most famous part of the sport of hockey is the penalty box. Even the people who do not know anything about hockey love hearing stories about the penalty box. However, if you’re playing in a game there is no worse place to be. It is not even the fact that you did something against the rules that bothers you. It is the fact that your team now has one less guy for two minutes because of something that you did.


How to Stay Out of the Box

I am sure you have wondered many times why you are getting a penalty and how you can play well without getting a penalty. If you do not want to get a penalty then there are a few things that you have to understand. The first thing you have to understand is that refs do not look at individual players; they only look at things that stand out. For example, tripping somebody is more noticeable than lifting somebody’s stick, and pushing somebody is less noticeable than throwing somebody into the boards. The point is that you have to do things that do not make you stand out. The funny thing is that the majority of these tricks are not even illegal.

Maintain Your Discipline

Another thing that will keep you out of the box is discipline. You have to be able to take the occasional hit without getting angry and hitting the guy back. Usually a ref will glance over after the first hit, only to see you hit the other guy back.

When you are disciplined, you are in control, able to make the other team angry and lose their cool. This will cause them to get more penalties and give your team more chances to score.

Just remember that you need to stay calm. There will be many cheap shots in a game and a few of them will get called.

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