Passion for the Puck

passion for the puck

The love of hockey cuts across borders and unites fans worldwide

Passion for the Puck Transcends All Borders 

When it comes to winter sports, North America is one of the world’s powerhouses. Between the climate and current phenom players like Connor McDavid and up-and-coming stars such as Matthew Tkachuk and Jack Hughes, hockey’s position as the country’s national sport makes perfect sense.

But the passion for the puck does not stop at the border, with the US and Canada sharing the NHL between them and viewers from all around the world watching every game. And that’s not to mention the hugely popular hockey leagues in Russia, Sweden and other countries that many players pass through on their way to the pinnacle of hockey, the NHL.

Sports fans generally and hockey fans in particular are known to be incredibly passionate about following their favorite team. Season tickets, hockey merch and movies are all big business.

Mad for Hockey Glory

Sports fans generally and hockey fans in particular are known to be incredibly passionate about following their preferred team. Season tickets, hockey merch and movies are all big business. And one way many fans like to spice up the sport even more is with betting on the games. Nailing down the top casino sites is easy, and this site provides reviews of them: best Canadian sites compared and listed.

NHL and the Stanley Cup

Hockey has always been more like a religion in Canada, and its popularity is soaring in the US. So it’s not surprising to learn that the NHL is one of the top sports leagues in the country. High participation rates have allowed hockey players of all ages to benefit from enhanced fitness, better health and other great advantages that the game provides. In the NHL, 32 teams vie for what many consider too be the greatest single prize in hockey: the Stanley Cup. This goes far beyond the boundaries of North America, drawing fans from continental Europe and all across the globe.

The popularity of hockey creates a virtuous business and sporting circle, where the top players are drawn to the NHL because it offers such lucrative wages. The result is the improved quality of the sport and the growing audiences, which increases sponsor-related income and allows the league to offer high wages, and so on.

Only four other sports leagues are profitable (the major leagues of the NFL, MLB and NBA, plus soccer’s EPL). After the regular season concludes in April only half the teams make it to the playoffs, with the ultimate glory of hoisting the coveted Stanley Cup awaiting the best team of the season. In 2023, the Vegas Golden Knights hit the jackpot, beating the Florida Panthers 4-1 to claim a first-ever Stanley Cup triumph for the team.

World Cup of Hockey

The latest evolution in how the most extensive hockey league in the world operates came to light with the NHL’s recent announcement of a planned World Cup of Hockey. The league last hosted such a competition back in 2016, and now plans to hold an international competition in 2025. After this, there’s talk of hosting regular World Cups in between the Winter Olympics (2028 and 2032 initially). Previously, World Cups have been held but on an irregular basis, and this new approach would make it a consistent international competition.

There remains doubt over whether Russian players would be permitted to participate, given the war in Ukraine. Russia is one of the world’s heaviest hitters when it comes to elite hockey players, and the absence of Russian players would have a major impact. Russia and Belarus have both been banned by the International Ice Hockey Federation, and it remains uncertain how the planned competition in 2025 will handle things.

The Passion for the Puck is All Inclusive

Participation in hockey is naturally higher in countries where the NHL is well received, and this is readily accessible to para-athletes and more casual hockey fans thanks to sledge hockey (which uses the Spike device). In this sport, players have a pair of poles and are in a sitting position, so those unable to stand (or stand for long periods of time) can enjoy the game as well.

While many cultural aspects divide nations, the love of hockey is not among them. Indeed, it’s one of the few areas of life that an increasing number of countries can agree on. is reader supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more.

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