Pickup Hockey: It’s Painless With 20Skaters


Pickup hockey is a snap with 20Skaters.com!

By Warren Tabachnick

You’ve purchased weekly ice time at your local rink for a game of pickup hockey. You’ve got a great crew of skaters, including a bunch of guys that have paid you upfront for the season. The hockey is awesome, but you’re spending way too much time wrangling schedules and spreadsheets, and chasing guys using texts, emails, and phone calls. We all know how weekly pickup hockey suffers when only 10 skaters decide to show up, not to mention hitting you right where it hurts most: your pocketbook.

Are you ready to run great pickup hockey without losing your shirt?

Based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 20Skaters is a team of technology entrepreneurs whose mission is to make life simpler for the players and organizers of pickup hockey. They know that pickup games are the lifeblood of hockey, and the games that people work so hard to organize are the truest form of our sport.

20Skaters works directly with non-league hockey organizers like yourself to make your weekly pickup game hassle free. They take care of all your admin work. Each week, they invite your full-timers in first, then your subs, based on your priority needs. They make sure that any subs who want to play that week pay you online, ahead of time, to secure a spot. 20Skaters works to fill your rosters each and every week, so that you can focus on making sure your skates are sharp and your stick is taped.

Getting started as an organizer with 20Skaters is virtually painless; the setup takes about 10 minutes. The most difficult part is putting your roster of email addresses together, and if you already have that, it’ll take less time than tying your skates!

Below are just a few of the many testimonials they’ve received. No doubt you’ll soon be calling 20Skaters to handle your own pickup games!

“It’s working. I’ve completely ditched my old spreadsheet entirely and love not chasing money and having it just flow into my bank account.”—Tom Evans

“20skaters makes game confirmation easy. I enjoy being able to respond on my mobile, it cuts down on email and I can also see who is else is coming. Organizing and responding to organized hockey should be this easy”—Jed Schneiderman

“I have been skating with a core group of guys once a week for 15 years. While collecting the cash is a bit of a pain, it was really the scheduling and organizing the weekly roster of skaters that was time consuming and frustrating. Brydon and Eric at 20Skaters have been awesome in their assistance and patience in getting us set up. Their product has saved me countless hours organizing this year’s skate, it has simplified the process of collecting money from subs, and it has ensured a better turnout for us overall at our games this year. We are sold on using 20Skaters!”—Danny Kolber

“For several years I’ve organized a group that play pickup hockey once a week. Somehow it seems that part of the privilege of organizing hockey is that you get to subsidize the game! It was costing me about $2,000 a year to play 20 games, and that’s my best guess, because it was very hard to do accurate bookkeeping with money here and there and promises to pay next week, etc. 20Skaters is saving me a ton of money, and making it a whole lot easier to organize the weekly scrimmage. The small fee they charge is worth every penny! I’m happy to say that I am no longer subsidizing the game I love playing on a weekly basis, which makes it that much more enjoyable to play.”—Keith Colquhoun

For more information, visit their website 20skaters.com

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