Offensive Hockey: 11 Ways to Play Your Best

offensive hockey

Effective strategies and techniques to fortify your team’s offensive hockey skills

By David Franco

A robust offensive hockey approach plays a crucial role in any team’s success, and its importance cannot be overstated. The quest to light the lamp is what brings out the best in a team, and is what makes this game so great. The secret lies not only in sheer player skill but also in rigorous, targeted exercises and drills.

This article takes a look at the most effective offensive hockey strategies and techniques to fortify your team’s offensive skills.

Power Skating Drills for Offensive Hockey

Speed and agility are integral elements of any effective offensive strategy in hockey. Power skating drills are designed to enhance these skills, teaching players how to expertly navigate the ice—both with and without the puck.

Perfecting the Basics: Skating forms the backbone of any successful hockey player, especially when it comes to offensive hockey. This is a skill that’s essential for a player’s mobility and subsequently their team’s offense. This first exercise is all about improving your speed, agility and balance on the ice.

One popular drill is the Circle Skate, where players skate around the face-off circles in both directions practicing their turning, balance and crossovers. Players start slowly, focusing on precision and gradually increasing their speed as comfort and proficiency improve.

Pushing the Limits: The next level of power skating drills involves pushing players beyond their comfort zone. A perfect example is the Suicide Drill (as depicted in the movie Miracle) which is an apt name for such a physically demanding exercise. This drill requires players to skate from one line on the ice and back as fast as possible, promoting speed, endurance and power. The distance increases as players skate to the next line up the ice and back again, etc. It’s an incredibly exhausting drill that builds skating stamina.

Adding Pucks to the Mix: Incorporating pucks into skating drills helps players become more comfortable handling the puck while moving at a high rate of speed. A drill such as the Serpentine encourages players to weave between cones while stickhandling, thus honing their puck control and maneuverability.

Shooting and Scoring Drills

The exhilarating thrill of scoring a goal is unmatched. (Teams with exceptional shooters often defy the NHL odds.) Shooting and scoring drills aim to improve a player’s precision, quick thinking and resilience under pressure, all of which are essential for a potent offensive hockey play.

Shooting Precision: Honing shooting precision is crucial for any successful offensive drive. The Corner Shooting drill is a classic exercise. Players shoot pucks from the blue line, aiming for the corners of the net. It’s a simple yet effective way to enhance a player’s shooting accuracy.

Fast-Paced Shooting: Accelerated drills such as Rapid-Fire Shooting help players become comfortable shooting quickly and accurately under pressure. Players receive a pass, quickly control the puck and then shoot, simulating game situations where quick reaction is key.

Scoring Under Pressure: Another beneficial exercise is the Breakaway Drill, which focuses on scoring under pressure. Players start from center ice, sprint toward the net and attempt to score while a defender covers them. This builds confidence and skill in challenging situations.

Passing Drills for Offensive Skills

In the increasingly fast-paced game of hockey, the ability to pass the puck accurately and swiftly can make a huge difference. Players learn to improve their communication, timing and decision-making abilities through passing drills, contributing to a dynamic and efficient offensive team.

Mastering the Art of Passing: A team’s ability to seamlessly pass the puck is the cornerstone of any great offense. The Star Passing drill helps enhance this skill. Players are positioned like points on a star, passing the puck to each other in various patterns. This works on bettering communication, accuracy and timing.

Adding Speed to the Equation: When passing is introduced into high-speed drills, it encourages players to enhance their quick decision-making skills. The 3-on-2 Continuous drill involves three attackers facing two defenders, promoting rapid, precise passing under pressure.

Passing Under Duress: The Bump and Run drill improves a player’s ability to maintain control and pass while being challenged by the defense. Players practice passing while another player is allowed to lightly bodycheck them, simulating real-game duress situations.

Positioning Drills

Learning and implementing offensive strategies require players to be adept at maintaining the correct position on the ice. Positioning drills help players develop a tactical mindset and sharpen their game sense, allowing them to outmaneuver opponents and maintain control of the game.

Understanding Offensive Strategy: The 2-on-1 drill is a fundamental training exercise that works on offensive positioning. It involves two forwards against one skater on defense, forcing the players to think tactically about how to outmaneuver the opponent. This drill sharpens the players’ ability to make strategic decisions on the ice and boosts their understanding of the game’s offensive aspects.

Perfecting Zone Play: This technique is another essential aspect of offensive strategy. The Cycling drill encourages players to practice puck control and maintain offensive pressure in the zone. The drill involves players rotating positions and passing the puck to keep possession, effectively mimicking real-game situations.


Effective offense plays a crucial role in a team’s success in hockey. From power skating drills that enhance speed and agility; to shooting and scoring exercises that boost precision under pressure; and passing drills that improve teamwork and communication, it’s clear that practice makes perfect. Remember, improvement won’t happen overnight. Consistent effort, perseverance and determination are the keys to reaching the top of your game.

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