Off-Ice Hockey Passing Skills


Summer is an important time to train and hone your passing skills

By Thor Josefson


Summer is the off-season for hockey, but it’s still an important time to train and hone your off-ice passing skills. Most hockey players focus on off-ice training drills by shooting pucks, stickhandling in their basement, and running dryland agility and speed drills. These are great, but one important facet of hockey is missing: Passing!

Hockey is a team sport that, to be successful, requires puck movement especially as we move onward to higher levels of play. The majority of hockey players aren’t able to work on their off-ice hockey passing skills away from the rink because they can’t find a partner or parent to participate with them. This problem has been solved through product development. Now there are hockey-training products that allow a single player to pass the puck to himself or herself by rebounding the puck back to them.

The art of passing a hockey puck is very important to learn at a young age and these hockey passing aids have helped hockey players develop hard, accurate passes away from the rink. Making good passes results in more time with the puck and better scoring opportunities during the game.

Learn From the Pros

If you watch an NHL game or high-level junior hockey game, you’ll notice the high rate of passing taking place. The skills to make and receive a pass are very evident during these games. These highly skilled players are able to move the puck from one end of the ice to the other in a very efficient manner. The passing skills they possess are one of the major factors they made it.

Should You Work on Passing Away From the Rink?

The answer is simple. It’s important to be a great team player and possess the passing skills to move the puck around the ice. Passing is an underappreciated skill that is overlooked by most kids and parents. Ice time is expensive. Practicing your off-ice hockey passing skills at home is more effective now than ever with the new passing aids available.

A simple skill like a backhanded pass can add one more element to your game that 99% of the players won’t have in their arsenal. These small differences are the keys to moving up the ladder in the game of hockey. Good hockey players can all skate, shoot, and stick handle to a degree but being an elite player requires passing skills to improve other players around you.

How to Practice Your Passing Skills During the Off Season

There are many products out there that can be used for working on your off-ice hockey passing skills away from the rink. The HOCKEYSHOT Hockey Training Aids Passer comes in three sizes and is great for helping you to send and receive the puck more fluidly. It easily clamps onto any shooting surface allowing you to develop passing and one-timer skills at home.

Another solid option is the One Timer Hockey Passer. It’s a great training aid that allows you to practice catching passes for a one-timer shot.

Skills to Work On With the Passing Aids

The hockey rebounders should be used to train your backhand and forehand passing skills. You can also work on your one-touch passing and shooting off the pass. You’ll want to be sure to concentrate on receiving the puck as well as on the pass itself.

Hockey passing is not a desire skill. It’s not fancy. However, it’s vital to becoming a great player and moving up to higher levels. So take pride in your hockey passing and be sure to work on it during the off-season. You’ll be glad you did!

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