No Goalie? Try the New Puck App!


Anyone who has ever played hockey knows that it’s no fun without a goalie and in most organized leagues, the team automatically forfeits the game. The new Puck app is setting out to solve this typical hockey problem (well, one of them).

Oftentimes hockey teams find that there aren’t enough goalies to meet the demand of games being played. The solution? Puck, an app that allows teams to quickly rent a goalie for their game by matching them with one that best suits their particular needs, such as skill level, as well as type of game, whether league, pickup, or playoff.

Puck app founder Niki Sawni has been playing hockey his whole life, and is looking to make sure that in Canada (at least), recreational hockey runs as smoothly as possible and there is always a goalie to try to score on.Puck app screen

With the app, when a team needs a goalie they send a request indicating the rink, time and skill level required. The team then pays via the app and Puck notifies the best goalies available of the game, who then can choose whether or not to accept the assignment.

After the game, the goalies are automatically paid for their service and the team can rate and even tip their goalie based on performance.

Puck officially launched on the App store on September 1, 2015, initially in Toronto, with plans to quickly expand the service to other major cities in Canada. The developers are looking for hockey goalies across Canada who are interested in playing the game they love, while pocketing some extra cash at the same time.

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