NHL Trophies: Can You Name Them?

nhl trophies
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Each season the NHL presents 22 awards. Test your hockey IQ with this quiz—and get a chance to win a FREE Amazon gift card!

Every season in the NHL, trophies are awarded to just about everyone connected to the game, for just about every achievement one can think of. In fact, a total of 22 trophies are given out, to everyone from the top General Manager of the season to the overall winningest team.

The Stanley Cup has a long and illustrious history. Donated originally by Frederick Arthur, Lord Stanley of Preston (Canada’s Governor General from 1888 to 1893), it is the oldest trophy in professional sports in North America. The coveted Cup was first awarded in the 1892–93 season.

For a player to get their name inscribed on the trophy is no easy feat. The road to the Stanley Cup Finals is a long and arduous one. The NHL season begins in October and ends in April, with 82 games to be played by each team. The season is grueling to both body and mind, a test of both physical and mental prowess, as the 32 teams in the NHL battle for the right to earn a spot in the playoffs.

The lines are drawn in the post season, and the team that stands strong and ultimately wins the required 16 games at the end of the playoffs gets to hoist the ultimate prize, Lord Stanley’s Cup. At at 35.25 inches in height and weighing 34.5 lbs, the elation of the winning team makes it seem weightless.

Here’s your chance to check your hockey knowledge of NHL trophies and get the chance to score an Amazon gift card! The first 10 respondents to answer all 22 questions correctly will each receive a $10 gift card, good for anything available on Amazon.

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NHL Trophies: Can You Name Them?

Test your hockey I.Q. to see if you know your NHL trophies

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Trophy awarded to the player who leads the league in scoring the most points at the end of the season

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MVP of the Playoffs trophy

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Presented to the player who exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to the sport of hockey

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Given to the player who shows the core values of hockey—commitment, perseverance and teamwork—to enrich the lives of those in his community

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Presented to the player possessing great leadership qualities both on and off the ice during the regular season, selected by hockey legend Mark Messier

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Awarded to the player who has positively impacted his community, culture or society

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Trophy awarded to the most outstanding player of the season

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Presented to the player who exemplifies leadership both on and off the ice

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Championship trophy awarded to the overall winning team

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Trophy awarded to the goaltender judged to be best in his position for the season

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Trophy awarded to the player judged to have exhibited good sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct in addition to his playing skills

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Awarded to the top GM in the league

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Awarded to the top-scoring player during the regular season

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Presented to the coach who most contributed to his team’s success

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Awarded to the goalie having played a minimum of 25 games for his team with the fewest goals against

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Trophy awarded to the player judged to be the most valuable to his team

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Awarded to the forward that best excels in defensive skills

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Awarded to the winner of the Western Conference playoffs

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Awarded to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the NHL

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Awarded to the team finishing the regular season with the best overall record

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Awarded to the defenseman who demonstrates the greatest all-around skill each season

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Trophy awarded to the winner of the Eastern Conference playoffs

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