It’s NHL playoff time again. That spells TV trouble for this troubled hockey wife!


By Christine Ramirez


It’s that time again. The NHL playoffs are upon us. I adore this time of the year. The best of the best are battling it out on the ice, night after night. We see clean, skilled moves and gorgeous skating. Speed and strength are paramount. Fighting and penalties are reduced—well, in most of the games. It’s the pinnacle of the NHL hockey season each year until Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. I love it; I really do.

Sometimes, when it is just my husband and I alone, we will watch our favorite teams. He has one favorite; I have a couple. Still, we have an enjoyable time watching NHL playoff hockey together.

At other times I do not want to watch hockey at all. I have a few shows on network TV to which I am loyal. So, with 3 TVs in the house, we can each migrate to the TV and setting we love most and watch our stuff. By “stuff” I mean hockey for him, my shows for me.

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And then we have the days that all the men are home. And remember, we only have 3 TVs. By men I mean my husband and our two sons (our sons are men themselves already, though they will always be boys to me). And each man favors a different team. So whether the game is live or prerecorded, each man takes up a TV and I am left rolling my eyes.

As much as I, as a hockey wife, love the NHL playoffs, I also have those network TV shows I watch each week. On the days of 3 TVs, 3 men and me… well, I am either forced to watch a team that is not my fan favorite, or I settle down in the quietest place I can find and read the latest novel I have downloaded on my e-reader. BORING!

I must say, however, that when I hear those cheers, those groans and the challenges to the ref’s calls—even though they are only on the TV—and my passion for the game gets me fired up.

So what do I do? Well, of course I can’t stand to be left out of the action and excitement. As a peace offering I make fresh popcorn. I go to the TV my husband is watching, and sit down next to him. We smile and kiss lightly on the lips. Then we start munching on popcorn, cheer and groan, and challenge the refs in tandem. He is my man and so his team is my team.

Hey, it’s the Stanley Cup playoffs! It doesn’t get better than that, right?

In real life, The Hockey Wife is Christine Ramirez, a software QA and documentation specialist. And she is actually the wife of Warren Tabachnick, the man behind CrossIceHockey.com. A long-time hockey fan, Chris sometimes becomes disillusioned with the sport over the course of the season, due to hockey overload. But each year, when the Stanley Cup playoffs descend, her interest is once again piqued.

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