NHL Offseason: 5 Key Aspects

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The 5 essential areas players must focus on in the NHL offseason

True fans of the NHL understand the value of the offseason. Before the start of every new season, teams, coaches and players gather to adjust and attempt to elevate their play and improve their performance. But as a fan it’s the perfect moment to reflect, and what better time than the last season? 

The 2022-2023 season was a marquee one, even by the NHL’s lofty standards. For most of the year it looked as though it would be the Boston Bruins that would end up capturing the coveted Stanley Cup. They decimated just about every team they faced throughout the course of the regular season, ending up comfortably atop the standings with a stunning record of 65 wins against just 17 defeats. 

In the postseason however they didn’t bank on a Florida Panthers team that was set to stun hockey fans the world over. The eighth-seed Panthers embarked on a fairy tale run that began with an upset victory over the top-ranked Bruins in the opening round of the playoffs. Further resounding victories would follow against the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Carolina Panthers, to set up a first Stanley Cup appearance in 27 years. In the end though, they would run into a monster created by the NHL back in 2017 in the form of the Vegas Golden Knights. 

The Nevada-based outfit is the second youngest team in the league today, but that hasn’t stopped them from twice reaching the Stanley Cup playoffs. This time around however they laid to rest the ghosts of 2018 by defeating the underdog Panthers by four games to one and sealing their status as the finest hockey team in the world today. 

However, for the top talents in the game the offseason is more important than ever. There are a few things they must absolutely prioritize if they hope to continue to maintain their exalted status. This article looks at five of these essential areas, and how individual NHL players address them in their offseason regimens.

Rest and Recovery in the NHL Offseason

Rest and rehabilitation are two of the offseason’s most crucial components. Players need enough time to recover their bodies and heal any injuries they may have incurred after a grueling 82-game season. Because it’s so crucial to heal, several NHL players like Sidney Crosby take a lengthy hiatus from the sport following each season. As stated by Crosby in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “the more time I can spend away from the game, the better prepared I am to come back and be my best self.”

Physical Training

NHL players also concentrate on their physical preparation and conditioning throughout the offseason. Before going out onto the ice, many players spend numerous hours in the gym, keeping up their strength and fitness. Connor McDavid, who is renowned for his demanding exercise regimen, is one such example. McDavid’s fitness routine entails “two months of full-body workouts, heavy lifting and intense cardio, with a focus on speed and explosiveness,” according to an interview in The Hockey News.

Skill Development

The offseason is prime time for NHL stars to concentrate on acquiring new abilities and honing their current skills. This could involve practicing shooting accuracy or perfecting skating techniques. Patrick Kane is one athlete that has a reputation for being committed to improving his skills. In an interview with NBC Sports Chicago, Kane stated that he spends time every offseason “working on stickhandling and other skills so that they become second nature.” 

Mental Preparation in the NHL Offseason

NHL superstars recognize the value of mental preparation in addition to physical training. With the aim of enhancing concentration and mental toughness, this can include anything from meditation to visualization exercises. Henrik Lundqvist, retired New York Rangers goalie, is one such athlete whose commitment to the mental part of the game is well acknowledged. In a Men’s Journal interview, Lundqvist stated that he worked with a sports psychologist during the offseason to “improve his mental game, including visualization and breathing exercises.” 

Restoring Passion and Motivation

High-performance NHL players can rekindle their enthusiasm and drive for the sport during the offseason. While for some players this may mean spending time with family and friends, for others it may entail engaging in interests or hobbies aside from hockey. Alex Ovechkin, a well-known soccer enthusiast, serves as one illustration. Ovechkin participates in charity soccer matches over the summer and even established his own league in Russia. Ovechkin can keep his drive to play at his best every year by following his interests outside of hockey.


While each NHL superstar approaches the offseason in their own unique way, all of them must prioritize the same things if they want to maintain their success on the ice. To summarize, an effective offseason regimen must include the following:

  1. Relaxation and Rehabilitation
  2. Physical Training
  3. Skill Development
  4. Mental Preparation
  5. Restoring Passion and Motivation

We may learn more about what it takes to be a top NHL player by studying how players like Crosby, McDavid and Ovechkin approach these areas. As the offseason draws to a close, we eagerly anticipate the start of the new season so that we can evaluate just how effectively these and other elite players have taken care of these areas.

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