No Goalie? Try MyPuck Goalie Rental


As a recreational hockey player, you’ve probably experienced that sinking feeling one gets when game time is fast approaching and your goalie decides to bail on you. That’s when MyPuck Goalie Rental comes to the rescue.

MyPuck Goalie Rental was founded in 2006 by Patrick Herman, who played AAA growing up, moving into Tier 2 Junior and eventually making his way to play college hockey with the University of Waterloo Warriors. After graduating from university, oftentimes while tending goal in the men’s leagues Herman would find himself getting asked to stay after his games to play in the next game. And though the rent-a-goalie concept was nothing new, Herman says, he realized he could do it better.

Since then, Herman and his stable of about 50 goalies have played over 21,000 games in the Toronto and Ottawa areas. MyPuck Goalie Rental provides goalies for both men’s league games and pick-up skates. Each of their goalies is vetted before they can be accepted to the roster (roughly 1 in 10 goalies passes the test, according to Herman). Two of his goalies actually do this as their full-time job.

These days, the hockey community is taking notice of MyPuck Goalie Rental: They appeared in a commercial for Ford Motor Cars, as well as in a photo shoot for Nikon cameras.

Teams in the Greater Toronto or Ottawa areas can review, select, and book a goalie by visiting their website at Prices start at $45 for the first hour; $15 per each additional 30 minutes.

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