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Have you ever wondered why hockey tape can be so damn expensive? Dollar Tape Club is a subscription hockey tape service that takes the hassle and “pro-shop tax” out of buying tape.

Dollar Tape Club was conceived by Adrian Sosa, Daniel Sosa, and Paul Ward, three hockey players from Florida and a Canadian who grew up playing hockey and have played at every level, right up to professional hockey in Europe. It didn’t take them too long to figure out that everyone in their locker rooms is either complaining about the price of tape (rolls in Florida are about $4, while in Europe the price can be as high as $10!) or asking to borrow tape.

Having strong backgrounds in ecommerce and software marketing enabled the team to quickly analyze why tape is so expensive. The answer: Too many distribution levels and no buying power from the small pro shops. The solution to that, they found, was staring at them in the face: the internet.

Modeled after the success of the Dollar Shave Club, Dollar Tape Club works directly with the manufacturers and ships the hockey tape right to your door, saving you what they like to call “the pro-shop tax.”

Tape Brand and Quality

When an industry is disrupted by cuts in pricing, the standard thought process is that the company went overseas and threw out quality to be a cost leader. Being hockey players themselves, they knew that if they delivered anything but the best their customers would drop them after the first order. They work with SportsTape, a Canadian manufacturer that just so happens to be the brand preferred by AHL and ECHL professionals. “We are hockey players,” they proclaim, “and we want to help hockey players.”

How It Works

Their methods are always improving, says Sosa, and there are many updates to come. But unlike many websites that try to lock you in, Dollar Tape Club aims to help you find what you need and get you back on the ice as quickly as possible. It’s a new business model for hockey tape, and it’s important they don’t confuse or overwhelm the amazing people who have made the choice to give them a shot.

The ordering process couldn’t be easier:

1. Select the number of rolls of hockey tape you wish to receive

2. Choose the type of tape and color

3. Decide on the frequency of delivery (up to every 5 months)

4. Your shipment arrives on time, every time

With Dollar Tape Club, there are no contracts or commitments. Anyone can unsubscribe or pause their auto-ship delivery during the off-season or at any time.

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