Hockey Socks: Reebok SX100 Edge


Tired of those worn, “hole-y,” acrylic or wool hockey socks? Reebok now offers a simple solution: The SX100 Edge Gamewear Hockey Socks.

The SX100 Edge Gamewear socks feature wave-knit and mesh-fabric construction, along with a bubble band at the ankle that helps keeps your shin guards in place. The SX100 socks also sport a sewn-in Velcro tab at the top, ensuring they snugly adhere to your 3-in-1s or hockey shorts.

What’s more, the SX100s receive an ultra-fresh antimicrobial treatment, which means they’ll stay daisy-fresh in your hockey bag. The seam and decoration are covered with durable topstitch, and the distinctive Reebok vector logo is embroidered to the front of each sock.

I just picked up a pair. These socks do exactly what they’re supposed to: They slip over my shin guards nice and easy, and make me look good enough so that the flaws in my game just might go unnoticed.

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