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Whether you play the sport or are a fan, hockey podcasts keep the action going between games

By David Palmer

If you’re a fan of hockey, chances are you’ve considered listening to a hockey-related podcast. Podcasts can be a blast to listen to. They can even add more excitement to upcoming games. 

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best must listen-to podcasts around, in no particular order. While many of them are highly entertaining, some provide helpful tips and information on how to play the game. 

1. Hockey Training Podcast

The Hockey Training Podcast is full of useful tips to help rec players perform at their best. You’re sure to pick up some useful tips that could help you to succeed in the game. 

Looking for a breakdown of NHL games from a bettor’s perspective? You’ll just love the Ice Guys. Hosts Ian Cameron and Alan B. Smith do a podcast covering every single game in the NHL’s regular season, all the way through to pinnacle when the winners get to hoist the Stanley Cup. They offer helpful tips and favorite bets for upcoming games, and wagering can be made at sites like BetRivers Ohio.

2. Hockey Think Tank

The Hockey Think Tank is an inspirational podcast that educates fans on every aspect of this beautiful game. Founded by Topher Scott, this unique podcast is ideal for those who play hockey. Parents of youth hockey players—even those who aspire to play—will also enjoy tuning in. And if that wasn’t enough, hockey coaches can get some tips from this podcast as well. 

3. Puck Soup Hockey Podcast

Hosted by Sean McIndoe and also known as “Down Goes Brown,” Puck Soup is decidedly not one of the most serious podcasts out there. This podcast also takes a look at fan culture, beer league hockey and so much more. Puck Soup is very entertaining as it doesn’t just go into detail about the latest NHL games. Order at least one delicious bowl of Puck Soup today and see why! 

4. Don Cherry’s Grapevine 

The Don Cherry’s Grapevine Podcast is run by one of hockey’s greatest icons. A well-known Canadian former hockey player, Cherry brings his unique and often controversial opinions to the podcast. Spinning stories and taking trips down memory lane ensure that this one is well worth listening to. 

5. The Jeff Marek Show 

The Jeff Marek Show is perhaps one of the best podcasts out there. The Sportsnet insider takes NHL fans around the league, bringing to light the latest news and views. Featuring Elliotte Friedman, this is a show that is not afraid to tackle the issues and covers a lot that is often missed by other podcasts. 

6. Spittin’ Chiclets 

Spittin Chiclets is an excellent podcast that is chock full of hockey news, events, and much more. It’s not just a podcast that is dedicated to the NHL, there’s tons more topics they delve into. Hosted by Mike Grinnell, Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney, you can be sure to enjoy a show that’s hugely entertaining. 

If you’re looking for a hockey-related podcast whose hosts clearly know the score, this is the one. 

7. ScuttlePuck NHL Hockey Podcast

Complete with a catchy name, the ScuttlePuck NHL Hockey Podcast is brimming with a lot of hockey talk. However, this show that’s hosted by Mike Bonn and Dale Hoard doesn’t just discuss what’s going on in the NHL. As you are well aware, there’s a lot more to hockey than just the NHL and this podcast is proof positive. That’s what makes the ScuttlePuck NHL Hockey Podcast one of the very best hockey out there. 

8. Biscuits: A Hockey Podcast 

If you crave a hockey podcast that is humorous, you’re in the right place. Biscuits: A Hockey Podcast offers a ton of laughs in every episode. It’s a show that’s hosted by Sean McIndoe and David Lozo (McIndoe, host of Puck Soup, does double duty as co-host. It seems he cannot get enough hockey!)

9. The Athletic Hockey Show 

The Athletic Hockey Show takes a deep dive into the hockey universe. It’s a show that’s hosted by many different presenters, including Julian McKenzie, Ian Mendes, Max Bultman, and more. Known as a flagship hockey podcast, this is a show that’s ideal for those who are serious about getting the inside dirt and the scoop on the latest hockey news. 

10. The Parking Lot – A Beer League Hockey Podcast

Targeted exclusively to the rec hockey player, The Parking Lot hockey podcast talks about the basics of learning to play, the right gear to buy, chirps, and the fantastic stories told in the parking lot.

There are loads of hockey podcasts available that can be enjoyed day or night; there are just too many to mention in this space. These 10 hockey podcasts are just a few of the more entertaining ones out there. When you’re not playing or watching, kick back, tune in and listen to their take on the game you love. 

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