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The secret lives of hockey goalies

Perhaps no other sport has its superstitions like the game of hockey. And goalies are a special breed unto themselves with their own, shall we say, eccentricities. They have been known to take their unique brand of behavior a step further, sometimes pushing the envelope to the absurd.

Hockey Goalie Superstitions Abound

Hockey goalie superstitions exist at all levels of play, from the pros down to the beginners. Instances of this behavior can run the gamut from the innocuous to the truly bizarre. Sure, if you watch the pros you notice how almost every tendy spends a minute or two carving up the crease before the puck drops at the start of each period. But what about those goalies who literally worship their posts, talking to them as if they are their teammates? Or how they tap their stick on the goalposts and crossbar?

Rec hockey goalies certainly are no different. We’ve seen hockey goalie superstitions where some take great pains to strap on and remove their gear in a certain order, each and every time they play. Or those who tape their sticks a certain way, and bring a specific number of goalie sticks with them for their warmups (and another set for the actual game itself!).

Then there are the pregame meals. Pasta or oatmeal? Chicken parmigiana (really)? And let’s not forget the special pregame playlist that’s listened to while they do their stretching and other hallway warmup routines.

Well, if youth hockey goalies have their routines then it goes without saying that hockey goalie moms are no exception. Sharon Enck, Puck Gal, served up this infographic featuring a list of 5 Common Goalie Mom Superstitions (courtesy of Emily Erson at OntheJobMom).

See how many of these hockey goalie superstitions you can relate to. And feel free to add you own in the Comments section below.

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  1. I’m not a Goalie Mom. I’m a Hockey Mom. Before every game I say to her “skate hard honey”. After every game I say “good game honey”. She just gives me a nod.

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