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The Hockey Bag: An Important Piece of Equipment

Hockey bag
Grit hockey bag
By Stephan Farley


The hockey bag holds the unwanted distinction of being the most overlooked piece of hockey equipment. Most players consider their sticks and skates to be of utmost importance. But not many people are aware of the ways in which an efficient and high-quality hockey bag can make life easier for them. A hockey bags is usually the last piece of equipment purchased by players. It allows them to get an idea of the size required since then all the other products have been purchased.

A Variety of Options and Styles

Due to the increased glamour quotient in recent years, most players have now become highly fashion conscious. With keeping in time, most manufacturers of hockey bags have changed their styles and designs. There used to be only a huge bag with one compartment and with almost limited color and strap options on the market. But now almost all manufacturers have started providing more pockets along with better material and highly padded straps.

Grit HTSE Tower hockey bag
Grit HTSE Tower

One of the most popular kinds of hockey bags is the backpack style. Though it compromises on space, the style makes the user stand out in a crowd. Better organization can make a backpack style bag the right choice for a fashion-conscious hockey player.

The other popular style is the wheeled bag, which allows the user to carry his entire gear with ease. Retractable handles and attachable wheels add to the utility of these hockey bags. Wheeled bags are slightly larger in size and can accommodate more equipment. Since they do not need to be picked up, the weight issue becomes redundant. Many backpack-style bags also have wheels, which make them the perfect choice for a hockey player.

Deep Pockets

In recent years various features have found their way into bag design, such as additional pockets. These pockets are highly accessible and can be used to keep small contents such as keys, smartphones and wallets. Most manufacturers have started providing vented pockets which can be used to keep dirty towels so that the stench does not get into other contents of the bag.

Another great feature which has been recently introduced in these hockey bags is a pocket for skates. The pockets prevent the skates from bouncing around in the bag by keeping them firmly in one place. One can also find a stick holder in the modern bags. Such holders allow the user to keep his or her other hand free.


The other important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a hockey bag is the material used for construction. Since all bags face a lot of abuse, these bags need to be made of highly durable material so that they do not break or get torn easily. A high-quality bag will contain zippers made of solid material, apart from good stitching, which will prevent the seam from getting torn off.

A high-quality hockey bag can last for several seasons depending upon the amount of use and can make also make a perfect gift for a budding hockey player.

You need to keep all your hockey equipment safe from any kind of damage or harm because it is expensive. Buy a good quality hockey bag to store your hockey equipment securely.

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