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Goal Celebrations: The Top 10

goal celebrations

A goal celebration, or “celly,” comes in many forms from a fist pump to belly-sliding across the ice

Scoring a goal in hockey requires incredible skill, and a bit of luck. It’s no surprise then that lighting the lamp elicits pure joy, for NHL and rec hockey players alike. A list of the Top 10 goal celebrations in hockey.

1. The Stick Twirl

Players spin their hockey sticks like a helicopter blade after scoring, displaying a perfect blend of skill and celebration.
Memorable Moment: Wayne Gretzky’s iconic stick twirl during his illustrious career.

2. The Leap into the Glass

Scoring a goal and leaping into the Plexiglas surrounding the rink is a classic and emotional celebration.
Memorable Moment: Alexander Ovechkin’s exuberant jumps into the glass, capturing the passion of the game.

3. The Knee Slide


Players slide on their knees across the ice in pure joy, often accompanied by fist pumps and shouts of victory.
Memorable Moment: Bobby Orr’s famous 1970 Stanley Cup-winning goal celebration featured an iconic knee slide.

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4. The Team Pile-Up

Players create a joyful dogpile on the goal scorer, showcasing the camaraderie and teamwork within the squad.
Memorable Moment: Stanley Cup-winning goals often lead to epic team pile-ups.

5. The Bow and Arrow

Players mimic shooting a bow and arrow, emphasizing the precision and accuracy of their goal-scoring prowess.
Memorable Moment: Teemu Selanne’s bow-and-arrow celebration became legendary during his career.

6. The Windmill Fist Pump

A powerful and emphatic fist pump often combined with a windmill motion, symbolizing the release of pent-up energy.
Memorable Moment: Sidney Crosby’s fist-pumping celebration after scoring the “Golden Goal” in the 2010 Olympics.

7. The Slide into the Boards

Players slide on their stomachs into the boards, celebrating with fans and teammates close to the glass.
Memorable Moment: Theo Fleury’s emotional slide during the 1991 playoffs remains etched in hockey history.

8. The Bow to the Crowd

Players acknowledge the crowd by bowing in gratitude after scoring, creating a memorable connection with fans.
Memorable Moment: Jaromir Jagr was known for his charismatic bowing celebrations during his illustrious career.

9. The Baseball Swing

Players swing an imaginary baseball bat after scoring, combining the love for two classic sports.
Memorable Moment: Tomas Hertl’s playful baseball swing celebration gained attention in the NHL.

10. The Salute

Players salute the crowd or their teammates in a show of respect and acknowledgment after scoring.
Memorable Moment: Patrick Marleau’s salute to fans during his record-breaking game for most NHL appearances.

Hockey goal celebrations are not just about scoring but also about expressing the raw emotion, camaraderie, and joy that make the sport so thrilling. Each unique celebration adds to the rich tapestry of hockey history, creating moments that fans will remember for years to come.

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