Game Day Nutrition for Hockey Players

Game Day Nutrition

Proper game day nutrition will help you get the most
out of your game

If you’re like most hockey players, you may be wondering how to boost your energy level when you’re on the ice. If you’re looking to improve your stamina and speed and gain a competitive edge, it might be time to improve your eating plan. Following a good game day nutrition program is essential for superior athletic performance.

In addition to a healthy diet, adequate hydration is a must if you want to become a better hockey player. If you don’t have enough energy stored in your muscles, you will run out of gas as your game progresses.

While emphasis must be placed on what you should eat before a game, it goes without saying that certain foods should be avoided before you play—not only for proper nutrition, but for the sake of your teammates. Items such as pizza, burgers and fries, hot dogs, sausages, onions, and spicy foods will not only have you feeling bloated and likely give you indigestion, your burps on the bench will cost you some friends.

Our friends at Pro Stock Hockey are offering some tips on how to improve your hockey game with good nutrition:

Off-ice training tends to be undervalued in the sport of hockey. A solid game day nutrition plan goes a long way in helping you to improve your game when combined with physical training. What you eat before, during and after the game can give you the boost of energy you need to excel on the ice.

Pro Stock Hockey provides game day nutrition tips in their guide for players at any level, a plan created with input from NHL trainers and staff that is sure to fuel you to success.

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