Face-Off Drill: The Sequence


This Face-Off drill is a great way to nail down face-off setups, no matter which zone you’re in


By Jeremy Weiss, Director, Weiss Tech Hockey Schools

Run this face-off drill to work on any type of face-off. Here are 3 quick options:

Sequence Face-Off Drill

  1. Set up a set face-off play with no defenders
  2. Try a set face-off play with defenders’ sticks turned upside down (blades up, handles down)
  3. Run a set face-off play with defenders’ sticks turned the right way; 5 on 5 controlled scrimmage

Jeremy Weiss, owner/director of Weiss Tech Hockey Schools, offers development camps, private lessons, team consulting, and coaching instruction to players of all levels. For more information visit his Hockey Drills and Skills blog, Weiss Tech Hockey.

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