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Defensive Hockey Drill: D to D See-Saw


The D to D See-Saw defensive hockey drill, from the experts at Hockey Coach Vision

The D to D See-Saw is a great defensive hockey drill for all D players


An excellent drill that works on D mobility for players of all ages. The focus is on making clean pivots while receiving and making passes.

D to D See-Saw Drill Description


D1 receives a pass from D4, and then D1 and D2 make a series of “D to D and up” passes using D3 as a passing target as well. After four D to D passes, D2 replaces D3, D1 slides to the right D position, and D4 moves to left D position. Defense rotates to play both left side and right side of the ice.

Key Points

  • Emphasizes smooth hands and feet
  • Defense maintains a staggered position after passing to their D partner to be a hinge option
  • Drill may progress to adding D hinge passes* as well

*Defensive Hinge Play: A tactic in hockey that is used to makes it more difficult for a player on the forecheck to intercept a pass. For example, when a pass is made backwards to a defensive player that is skating forward, it is that player’s job to return behind the defensive player to provide proper support. This way, the D player can easily get a pass back to the initial skater if necessary.

D to D See Saw defesnive hockey drill

About Hockey Coach Vision…

Hockey Coach Vision is an application used by hockey coaches that allows them to digitize drills and tactics in animated 3D, which can then be shared. The app works on Mac or PC, as well as on iPad and Android tablets. This powerful coaching tool enables hockey coaches to design virtually any game situation. It uses animated 3D, so that coaches can view all their plays using various 3D perspectives. Your drills can be shared with your players and assistant coaches. PDFs can be generated to keep everyone in the loop with your practice plan. Monthly plans can be created by placing your practice packages and notes into your calendar. Manage your team and use it within every aspect of your practice plans. Use video or picture recordings to store a play, analysis, drill, technique, etc.

Coaches: If there’s a specific area you’d like to see covered, feel free to post your comment in the area below and we’ll do our best to include it. Look for a new hockey drill from HCV here soon!

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