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Articles of interest to youth hockey players, coaches, and hockey moms & dads.

participation trophies

Participation Trophies: The Pros & Cons

Are participation trophies teaching our young athletes bad life lessons? This previously published article has been updated. By Travis Armideo The NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker and scary...
girls youth hockey

Girls Youth Hockey: The Stigma

Many girls prefer the faster shots, the physically demanding games, and the feeling of belonging and excelling with the boys By Lauren Patterson This article has...
confessions of a hockey parent

Confessions of a Hockey Parent (A Book Excerpt)

“Pee Wees: Confessions of a Hockey Parent” is an inside look at the highs—and lows—of youth hockey. It’s a world that’s all too familiar...
keys to your childs hockey success

The Keys to Your Child’s Hockey Success

18 keys to ensure a positive experience for your child The keys to your child's hockey success is to ensure every child has the best...
become an nhl pro

What Does it Take to Become an NHL Pro?

To become an NHL pro it takes a lot of hard work—and a bit of luck It’s every youth hockey player’s dream to play in...
the power of the hockey dad

The Power of the Hockey Dad

This is a good time to say “thanks” to all those hockey dads, and to recognize the power of the hockey dad By Allyson Tufts Continuing...
do sports develop character

Do Sports Develop Character?

By John O’Sullivan The harder we work, we are told in sports, the more we become empowered. But do sports develop character? At any sports field...
flu season & the young athlete

Flu Season & The Young Athlete

How to boost your child’s immunity during flu season By TrueSport® Cold and flu season is here, and it can be a struggle to keep your...
hockey for girls

Hockey For Girls: Taking the World By Storm

The coolest game on earth is not just for boys anymore! Hockey for girls is spreading like wildfire. To the casual fan, ice hockey...
hockey parent behavior

Hockey Parent Behavior Rules

Coaching from the glass affects everyone around you—including your child By Tim Turk Hockey is an intense, physical sport that attracts highly competitive players with a strong will...