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Prepare nutrition is vital to maintaining top performance for hockey. What to eat—and not eat—before, after, and between games.

post-game nutrition

Post-Game Nutrition: What to Eat After You Play

You’re not exactly playing in the NHL, but hockey puts tremendous stress on your body. Proper nutrition helps you bounce back.
Game Day Nutrition

Game Day Nutrition for Hockey Players

What you eat can give you the energy boost you need to excel on the ice
nutrition for high-performance hockey

Nutrition for High-Performance Hockey

Satisfied with your current energy level when you play hockey? Want to gain a competitive edge? It’s time to improve your eating plan!
flu season & the young athlete

Flu Season & The Young Athlete

How to boost your child’s immunity during flu season By TrueSport® Cold and flu season is here, and it can be a struggle to keep your...
the athletes diet

The Athlete’s Diet: The Secret to Success 

The athlete’s diet is dependent on the sport you play. It takes steely determination to get to the top of a sporting field, but what...
caffeine & athletic performance

Caffeine and Athletic Performance

Can the world’s favorite drink boost your on ice-performance? By Tom Bolland The benefits of caffeine on athletic performance is no new thing. Caffeine works its...
proper hydration

Proper Hydration: Is Your Child Getting Enough?

Helping athletes keep up with their hydration, both young and older Often overlooked, proper hydration is crucial for health and athletic performance. Skating, playing, and winning...
ice hockey nutrition

Ice Hockey Nutrition: Fueling Your Body for Peak Performance

Hockey is a physically demanding sport, requiring players to be at their physical peak. We look at ice hockey nutrition and its role in...