Often misunderstood, goalies seem to operate on a different plane. This section is exclusively for those who mind the nets, and the parents of them.

female goalies

Female Goalies: Tender But Tough!

An interview with two female goalies—a mom and her daughter When did you start playing hockey? Cathy Lucido (mom): I started playing at age 36 (I...
rebound control

Rebound Control: 7 Tips for Better Saves

Rebound control is one of the most valuable skills a goalie can possess By Landyn Desmarais Rebound control is one of the most valuable skills to...
Pickup Hockey

Pickup Hockey Game: 5 Ways to Set Your Team

Pickup hockey allows you to mix up who you play with each week
Goalies: Eyes Wide Open

Goalies: Keep Your Eyes Wide Open!

Three techniques all goalies must learn
peak goalie performance

Peak Goalie Performance Tactics

15 tips to help goalies enhance their skills, improve physical conditioning and take on the demands of the game Unlike any other position in hockey,...
common goalie mistakes

Common Goalie Mistakes & How to Correct Them

8 goaltending errors and what to do about them By Warren Tabachnick In the fast-paced world of hockey, goalies stand as the last line of defense,...