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Tips & techniques for everyone on the ice—skaters, goalies, and refs


Secrets of the Snapshot

A quick snapshot is challenging for goalies to anticipate and stop. 12 ways to help you put the puck in the back of the...
body contact

Body Contact in Rec Hockey

While adult leagues are generally non-checking, everyone knows that contact is inevitable. Hits are bound to happen.
off-ice training for goalies

Off-Ice Training for Goalies: Keeping in Top Shape

These off-ice training for goalies tips will help you maintain your edge   By Chris Phillips Updated July 18, 2023 Off-ice training for goalies plays a vital role...
scoring in the shootout

Scoring in the Shootout: 5 Tips for Shooters

Scoring in the shootout requires a combination of skill, preparation and confidence. These 5 tips will help put you on the scoreboard. By Warren Tabachnick Scoring...
mastering the shootout

Mastering the Shootout: 5 Tips for Goalies

For goalies, mastering the shootout requires special skills. They face a unique challenge, as it becomes a one-on-one battle with the shooter. By Warren Tabachnick Mastering...

One-Timers: Perfecting Your Shot

One-Timers: Perfecting Your Shot One-timers are considered by many to be the most lethal shot in hockey. Today’s goalies are bigger, better and faster, making...
Goalies Dreaming of Going Pro

Goalies: Dreaming of Going Pro?

Goalies: Dreaming of Going Pro? Read on and see if you’ve got what it takes. Hockey is a physically demanding, fast-paced sport that takes a...
henrik lundqvist

Henrik Lundqvist: The King Lives On

One of the most popular goaltenders of the modern era, Henrik Lundqvist dominated the crease at Madison Square Garden throughout his career. When he...
hockey mindset

The Hockey Mindset: Skaters vs Goalies

The hockey mindset of a goalie is very different from a skater’s, both on and off the ice. By Tim Turk, NHL Shooting and Scoring...
rebound control

Rebound Control: 7 Tips for Better Saves

Rebound control is one of the most valuable skills a goalie can possess By Landyn Desmarais Rebound control is one of the most valuable skills to...