The Hockey Life

Focusing on the beer leagues, tournaments, and a look at those who put up with hockey players.

dirty laundry

The Trouble With Dirty Hockey Laundry

Guess what's waiting for me in the newly filled laundry basket? Still-damp hockey stuff!

Beer League Gripes: The Top 20

Beer league gripes can put a damper on the game. These are the 20 pet peeves shared by hockey players. (Feel free to add...
My First Hockey Stick

My First Hockey Stick

I anxiously awaited the arrival of my first stick. It was a Northlands, midget size. I had to come up with $4; not an easy task back then
tampa bay lightning strikes again

Tampa Bay Lightning Strikes Again!

Can Tampa Bay repeat as Stanley Cup champions? Lightning Strikes in Postseason The Tampa Bay Lightning didn’t have the best record after the abrupt end of...
women hockey players

Ladies Night: Women Hockey Players

I found my niche! The only sport where it doesn’t matter that you’re short! And no one’s really sure if you’re
henrik lundqvist

Henrik Lundqvist: The King Lives On

One of the most popular goaltenders of the modern era, Henrik Lundqvist dominated the crease at Madison Square Garden throughout his career. When he...

Hockey Enforcer: Is There Still a Place for Them?

The enforcer was once a fixture on every team. Are goons becoming extinct?
underwater ice hockey

The Most Bizarre Hockey Variations in the World

Most people think of hockey as the coolest game on ice. It turns out there are some pretty bizarre ways to play the game. Hockey,...
Alan Thicke-Celebrity Hockey Players

Celebrity Hockey Players

The long list of celebrity hockey players includes Alan Thicke
safety tips for beginner hockey

Safety Tips for Beginner Hockey Players

Helpful safety tips for beginner hockey players help you enjoy the game Hockey is a fast and exciting sport. As much as we all try...