The Hockey Life

Focusing on the beer leagues, tournaments, and a look at those who put up with hockey players.

Adult beginner hockey player

The Adult Beginner Hockey Player

Getting into hockey as an adult can be one of the greatest things you’ll ever do. What you need to know.   CARHA Hockey member Roberta...
Norhtern Exposure rec hockey tournament Part 2

Adult Hockey Tournament Woes, Part 2

As I pursued the puck, I had my legs cut out from under me and I landed on my head. I slid into the end boards.
beer league hockey rules

Beer League Hockey Rules

20 beer league hockey dos and don'ts, for newbies and seasoned veterans alike By Warren Tabachnick Beer League Hockey Rules Article previously published and updated. Beer league hockey...
Hockey Parents

The Ideal Hockey Parents & Ideal Hockey Coach

Coaches make an impression on our kids. Ideal hockey parents vary
Gameday Butterflies

Game Day Butterflies

It’s been 21 years and I still get those damned butterflies! It usually starts in the morning but as the day progresses the excitement builds.

Hockey Enforcer: Is There Still a Place for Them?

The enforcer was once a fixture on every team. Are goons becoming extinct?
life skills from hockey

Life Skills from Playing Hockey

The 5 important life skills you learn from playing hockey By Tim Turk If you’re reading this, you already know that hockey is truly a wonderful sport....
it’s only a game

It’s Only a Game for Some—Or Is It?

How to get the most out of your game while having the time of your life By Warren Tabachnick Sure, winning is great and losing sucks....
stand out main

Stand Out: The True Story of a Hockey Hero

AHL prodigy Ajay Baines launches “Stand Out,” an illustrated children’s book about overcoming diabetes to become a hockey legend. Ajay Baines grew up in Kamloops,...
Time management for hockey families

Time Management for Hockey Families

6 helpful tips for time-stretched hockey families By Emily Erson Time flies when you are working hard and having fun, and that’s precisely what hockey families...