The Hockey Life

Focusing on the beer leagues, tournaments, and a look at those who put up with hockey players.

Sled Hockey

Sled Hockey: A Sport for All Abilities

The same thrills as stand-up hockey for players & spectators alike

Betting on NHL Games: A How-To Guide

With the abundance of apps available, betting on NHL games is easier than ever. What you need to know before you wager. Betting on NHL...
Hockey Player

So You Wanna Be an Adult Hockey Player?

Bitten by the hockey bug and are ready to take that first big step onto the ice?
line change book review homepage

“Line Change”: A Book Review

A True Story of Resilience in the Face of Adversity By Matt Brown (with Todd Civin) Mascot Books2019, First Edition 196 pp. US $22.95;...
Building the Perfect Hockey Team

Building the Perfect Hockey Team

7 tips to help you assemble the ideal team
Fight Cancer

The 11-Day Power Play to Fight Cancer

A continuous 11-day hockey game to raise money for cancer
how hockey made my life better

How Hockey Made My Life Better

How has hockey made my life better? I’ve made dozens of friends and business associates—not to mention how it keeps me in shape. By Warren...
Norhtern Exposure rec hockey tournament Part 2

Adult Hockey Tournament Woes, Part 2

As I pursued the puck, I had my legs cut out from under me and I landed on my head. I slid into the end boards.
Stanley Cup Playoffs

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Exquisite Hockey

The Stanley Cup playoffs. This is the hockey I love most.
beer league hockey tales

Beer League Hockey Tales

We’ve spanned the world of hockey to bring you the weirdest, wackiest and wildest true beer league hockey tales. By Warren Tabachnick 17 true beer league...