The Hockey Life

Focusing on the beer leagues, tournaments, and a look at those who put up with hockey players.

Hockey skills

10 Hockey Life Skills for the Real World

How hockey makes you more valuable at work
wheelchair hockey

Wheelchair Hockey: Let the Good Times Roll

The league allows players with physical disabilities to play hockey
Stanley Cup Playoffs

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Exquisite Hockey

The Stanley Cup playoffs. This is the hockey I love most.
hockey player

Are You a True Hockey Player?

It’s your anniversary. Do you take your wife to dinner or to your game?
Hockey Injury

Can the Look-Up Line™ Reduce Hockey Trauma?

Could this be a way to reduce hockey injury?
fantasy hockey

Prime Pucks Fantasy Hockey

Hockey news & info for the fantasy hockey fan—and every hockey fan.
Preparing for the NHL Playoffs

NHL Playoffs: The Dos and Don’ts for Rec Players

For the rec player, things have a way of changing once the NHL playoffs begin
Transitions: From college hockey to rec hockey

Transitions: From College Hockey to Rec Hockey

A former college player explains why he gave up on hockey
Older rec hockey player

The Older Rec Hockey Player: Never Too Old!

With age come the inevitable aches & pains. Along with potbellies, gray hair and Ben-Gay.
post-game beer

Beer After the Game: How to Get Home Safely!

There’s nothing like an ice-cold beer after a game. How to safely enjoy it.