Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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News, views, and developments in the wonderful (and sometimes wacky) world of ice hockey.

fighting in hockey

Fighting in Hockey: A Thing of the Past?

Hockey players soon may need to think twice before dropping the gloves  Fighting in Hockey: Will it soon become a thing of the past? It’s a...
2020-21 NHL Hockey Season Preview

The 2021 NHL Season Preview

Our 2021 NHL season preview details the several changes to the league Promising lots of engaging action full of twists and turns on the ice,...
boost your goal scoring

How to Boost Your Goal Scoring

The new Puck and Player Tracking system is expected to increase goal scoring by 25%. Can it work for you? By Daniel C. Bryndle Boost your...
spike sledge hockey trainer

News for Sledge Hockey Players

Now there’s a great way for sledge-hockey players to train and keep in shape. Spike, developed by a Norwegian adaptive sports equipment company called...
old men's hockey

Old Men’s Hockey: What it Teaches Young Players

There is something to be learned by looking at old men’s hockey. By Kristi Allain There is something to be learned by looking at old men’s...
nhl expansion

NHL Expansion: Can They Make It Overseas?

Hockey’s appeal spans continents. So what’s preventing NHL expansion beyond North America? Despite ranking fourth in terms of popularity and revenue of the Big Four...
tampa bay lightning strikes again

Tampa Bay Lightning Strikes Again!

Can Tampa Bay repeat as Stanley Cup champions? Lightning Strikes in Postseason The Tampa Bay Lightning didn’t have the best record after the abrupt end of...
stanley cup in pandemic 2020

The Stanley Cup in Pandemic 2020

More than ever, the key to winning the Stanley Cup in pandemic 2020 requires a closer look at the statistical data By Daniel C.  Bryndle The...
hockey in a post pandemic world

Hockey in a Post-Pandemic World

The world has changed, and along with it our beloved game. What to expect of hockey in a post-pandemic world. By Warren Tabachnick The pandemic of...
mike keenan

Inside the NHL: Mike Keenan

An excerpt from the book A Fly on the Wall in the NHL—inside stories of the National Hockey League’s glory years. This time, we...