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The Hockey Life

Focusing on the beer leagues, tournaments, and a look at those who put up with hockey players.

The Fastest Hockey Players of All Time

The Fastest Hockey Players of All Time

One of the most fascinating hockey skills is speed. Here are 6 of the fastest hockey players ever to skate in the NHL. Hockey is...
underwater ice hockey

The Most Bizarre Hockey Variations in the World

Most people think of hockey as the coolest game on ice. It turns out there are some pretty bizarre ways to play the game. Hockey,...
the outdoor rink

The Outdoor Rink: The Joy (and Pain)

There is no better feeling than having a bunch of friends over to play some pick-up hockey on your pond.
rec hockey news briefs

Rec Hockey News Briefs

Adult hockey & youth hockey news from around the world Rec Hockey News: February 28 to March 4, 2022 B.C. Convoy Participant Organizes Hockey Event To...
playing hockey with your kids

Playing Hockey with Your Kids

I couldn’t wait until my kids were old enough to play hockey with me By Warren Tabachnick I started playing this awesome game at the ripe...
how hockey made my life better

How Hockey Made My Life Better

How has hockey made my life better? I’ve made dozens of friends and business associates—not to mention how it keeps me in shape. By Warren...
hockey talk

Hockey Talk: The Language of Hockey

Learn to speak like a true player
fighting in hockey

Fighting in Hockey: A Thing of the Past?

Hockey players soon may need to think twice before dropping the gloves  Fighting in Hockey: Will it soon become a thing of the past? It’s a...
2020-21 NHL Hockey Season Preview

The 2021 NHL Season Preview

Our 2021 NHL season preview details the several changes to the league Promising lots of engaging action full of twists and turns on the ice,...
boost your goal scoring

How to Boost Your Goal Scoring

The new Puck and Player Tracking system is expected to increase goal scoring by 25%. Can it work for you? By Daniel C. Bryndle Boost your...