Monday, December 5, 2022

Chalk Talk

Articles for and about coaches, including tips & drills for all hockey players

the covid carousel hockey drill

The Covid Carousel Hockey Drill

Featured this week is the Covid Carousel hockey drill, designed by NHL skills coach Rob Sedia During these challenging times, the people at Hockey Coach...
give and go loop hockey drill

The Give and Go Loop Hockey Drill

Hockey Coach Vision is back in action! This week the focus is on the Give and Go Loop hockey drill, designed by hockey expert...
coaching your own child

Should You Coach Your Own Child in Hockey?

The pros and cons of parents who coach their own kids By Tim Turk Coaching Your Own Child in Minor Hockey: Pros and Cons Youth hockey is...

Coaches: We Need You & You’re Appreciated!

By Jeff Dorschner, WSN Here’s why coaches are appreciated, both on and off the sidelines Let’s talk about why coaches are appreciated, both on and off...
wrist shot

The Wrist Shot: How to Take a Wicked Wrister

Ever wish you could snap a wrist shot like an NHL sniper? If so, read on! Matt Schwartz, co-founder of the Hockey Players Club and Quest...
successful saucer pass

The Successful Saucer Pass: How to Master It

Whether you’re a competitive or recreational hockey player, the saucer pass is an essential skill in today’s fast-paced game Hockey at every level is getting...
how to take a slapshot

How to Take a Slapshot: Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks for ripping a cannon-like slapshot Doesn’t every hockey player wish they knew how to take a slapshot like Zdeno Chara or Shea Weber? If you’re looking...
do sports develop character

Do Sports Develop Character?

By John O’Sullivan The harder we work, we are told in sports, the more we become empowered. But do sports develop character? At any sports field...
key to guaranteed wins

The Win Now Matrix: Key to Guaranteed Wins

Using the power of mathematics to win hockey games By Daniel C. Bryndle The Key to Guaranteed Wins in Hockey Games I wrote the book “A Fly...