Monday, August 15, 2022

Chalk Talk

Articles for and about coaches, including tips & drills for all hockey players

mohawk figure 8 hockey drill

The Mohawk Figure 8 Hockey Drill

This week’s Covid Crusher is the Mohawk Figure 8 drill, designed by Jeremy Weiss During these challenging times, the people at Hockey Coach Vision have...
good coaching

Good Coaching: How Does Yours Rank?

It was clear that only my team’s best players would get legitimate ice time, but everyone pays to play. No one wants to observe the game from the bench.

Coaches: We Need You & You’re Appreciated!

By Jeff Dorschner, WSN Here’s why coaches are appreciated, both on and off the sidelines Let’s talk about why coaches are appreciated, both on and off...
Playoff Ready

Is Your Hockey Team Playoff Ready?

10 tips to help you better prepare for the playoffs
Understanding Your Coach

The Key to Understanding Your Coach

Understanding your coach and the meaning behind their actions
Quick Rec Hockey Drills

7 Quick Rec Hockey Drills

Most recreational hockey players don’t have much time to work on technique. Here are 7 drills.
Your Captain Speaking

This is Your Hockey Captain Speaking

If you expect to receive a “thank you” for being a hockey captain, good luck
Two Minute Mark

The Two Minute Mark

What’s your game plan?
do sports develop character

Do Sports Develop Character?

By John O’Sullivan The harder we work, we are told in sports, the more we become empowered. But do sports develop character? At any sports field...