Career in Sports: Turning Passion into Paycheck

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How to transform your love of sports into a fulfilling career

By Julie Morris

Not everyone makes it to the NHL and is paid to play the game they love. Still, there are numerous ways you can be involved in the game while earning a living.

If you have a passion, you can turn it into your own business and do something you love every day. Sports enthusiasts can take this advice to heart and open their sports-based businesses or become independent contractors in the sports world. Here are some ways you can make that happen.

Freelance Sports Journalist

Breaking into the sports industry as a freelance journalist offers a unique and exciting pathway to turn your passion for sports into a career. One effective strategy is to start by creating your own blog or podcast. This platform allows you to showcase your knowledge, insights and unique perspective on sports, building a portfolio of work that can attract attention from potential employers or clients.

Simultaneously working towards a journalism degree can provide you with the essential skills and credentials needed in the industry, such as research, reporting and ethics. Additionally, actively pitching stories to media outlets can open doors to freelance opportunities. Whether it’s local news outlets, online sports publications or larger media companies, getting your work published will not only expand your reach but also establish your credibility as a sports journalist.

You can gain writing experience by starting your own sports blog about your particular interests. By using content marketing techniques in your posts, your writing will reach a wider audience. Consult online resources to find guidance on the best practices for content writing.

Sponsoring Youth Sports Teams

Giving back to the community is another way to realize more satisfaction in your sports career. Consider sponsoring your local youth sports organization or an individual team. Help raise money for better uniforms, lighting, equipment, etc.

Funding Your Venture

Self-funding your new home-based business can be a rewarding yet challenging endeavor. It offers you full control over your business decisions and the potential for significant financial returns. However, it also requires careful planning and management of personal finances. If you are considering self-funding, it is crucial to assess your options carefully—investments or any potential assets that could be liquidated to fund your venture. If seeking a loan is part of your funding strategy, it is essential to check your credit report beforehand. Your credit score significantly impacts your ability to secure a loan and the terms you will be offered. A good credit score can open doors to favorable interest rates and more flexible repayment options.

Marketing Your Business Digitally

Marketing your sports business digitally is a powerful strategy in today’s tech-driven world. It allows you to reach a broad audience, engage with customers directly and measure the impact of your efforts. Leveraging digital marketing solutions, like social media advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), email campaigns and content marketing, can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility and attract more clients.

Social media platforms, for instance, are excellent for showcasing your products or services, sharing customer testimonials and even live-streaming sports events. SEO techniques can help improve your blog’s ranking on search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Supporting Your Home Team

Setting aside a portion of your profits can help support your home professional teams. You can buy advertising space at the arena or venue, or sponsor special events to get your name out there. (You may also want to buy season tickets as a business perk for future client outings.)

Sports Agent

Another job that you can pursue if you love sports—but do not have the talent to make it as a professional athlete—is a sports agent. Agents represent professional athletes in business matters, such as negotiating contracts, providing advice and managing financial details.

Marketing Manager

If you have a marketing background, you could take on jobs related to the sports industry. Marketing managers may work with individual sports teams, a league or players to help generate excitement for fans.

Get Your Foot in the Door

Getting your foot in the door in the sports industry begins with presenting yourself in the best possible light to potential employers. Before even seeking out a position, it’s crucial to have a stellar and professional-looking resume. By utilizing a free online resume builder, this is easy to achieve. These platforms offer access to a library of professionally designed resume templates, allowing you to select one that best fits your personal brand and the sports industry’s standards.

From there, you can customize your chosen template by adding your own copy, incorporating photos, selecting colors and uploading images to make your resume truly stand out. By taking advantage of a resume builder, you’re setting the stage for a successful entry into the competitive sports industry.

Sports Therapist

Sports therapy has become more commonplace for athletes and teams, even for recreational players. Therapists in the sports industry focus on physical therapy and rehabilitation or mental health counseling services. Especially in the competitive sports world, professional sports involve a lot of stress on the body and mind, making therapists a necessity.


Scouts in the sports industry may also find success as independent contractors. They work with teams, schools or organizations to help recruit new players. They may travel to different locations to meet with potential recruits, or watch videos of players and evaluate talent from their home offices.

If you love sports, you can make it your career. Start a new business and take on some of these ideas to mix business with pleasure and bring more passion into your career.

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