Breakout Basics 2v2 Drill

Breakout Basics 2v2 Drill

The Breakout Basics 2v2 drill, from Hockey Coach Vision. Fourth in a 5-part series.


In the Breakout Basics 2v2 drill, the fourth in a five-part serious of breakout strategies, another defender is added to the mix. The focus is on the timing and positions of the two forwards during the breakout and encourages the two D to “gap up” quickly after the breakout passes.


D1 and D2 (defense) step up over the blue line, pivot backwards and then go to retrieve the puck. Defensive pair then work together to beat the imaginary first forechecker by making a low D-to-D pass or D-to-D reverse pass, or call for the D puck-carrier to “wheel” the net (continue skating).

F1 and F2 (forwards) must read the D and make adjustments to their skating patterns to time getting into their breakout positions. After the breakout, F1 and F2 circle out to the middle zone, around the waiting players and back in 2v2 against D1 and D2.

Key Points of the Breakout Basics 2v2 Drill

  • On the breakout, the forward in the middle of the ice cuts across in front of the net “low and slow,” to be positioned slightly behind the F taking the pass on the wall.
  • Defense players gap up quickly and try to force the attack wide, while playing tight 1v1 coverage against each attacker.
  • D must communicate with their partner to let them know whether to trade off forwards (in case of a crisis-cross), or continue player-to-player coverage.

About Hockey Coach Vision…

Hockey Coach Vision is an application used by hockey coaches that allows them to digitize drills and tactics in animated 3D, which can then be shared. The app works on Mac or PC, as well as on iPad and Android tablets. This powerful coaching tool enables hockey coaches to design virtually any game situation. It uses animated 3D, so that coaches can view all their plays using various 3D perspectives. Your drills can be shared with your players and assistant coaches. PDFs can be generated to keep everyone in the loop with your practice plan. Monthly plans can be created by placing your practice packages and notes into your calendar. Manage your team and use it within every aspect of your practice plans. Use video or picture recordings to store a play, analysis, drill, technique, etc.

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