Back Check Transition/Support Drill

back check transition support drill

This week we focus on the Back Check Transition/ Support read drill, courtesy of Hockey Coach Vision


The Back Check Transition/Support Drill is an excellent one-puck exercise that works on low zone coverage.


  • F1 starts play by chipping a puck to either corner. The player then jumps in to support and create a quick 2 on 1 out of the corner.
  • F3 moves to high slot to provide support and pass option. D1 and D2 must always force the puck carrier.
  • Coach can allow play to continue 3 on 2, finishing with a low-to-high pass to high D for a point shot. D then throws a new puck to F4, F5, or F6 for a counterattack the other way.
  • In this option, the coach signals F4 to jump in after the initial attack to create a 5 on 5 situation. Play continues until the coach whistles and throws a new puck to F4, F5, or F6 to start counterattack the other way. 

Key Points

  • Quick transition from defense to offense and offense to defense.
  • On breakout transition, all back-checking forwards must take 5 quick steps, back checking back through middle ice.
  • Players on D are encouraged to jump up quickly on the counterattack.
  • Works offensive zone entries with the odd-man advantage.
  • The coach may throw in a second puck if the first puck is cleared quickly by the defenders after the rush.

About Hockey Coach Vision…

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