Investing in Hockey: Turning Fantasy into Reality


Now you can make money by investing in hockey, buying and selling teams like stocks on the stock market


Big news for Fantasy Hockey buffs! Now there’s ASMFree, a new app that offers sports fans an alternative to gambling. It focuses on investing in hockey, making it more of a ‘reality’ sports product, rather than a fantasy hockey sports product.

If you follow NHL hockey, you’re probably well aware of Bernie Nicholls. Nicholls was an explosive scorer who racked up over 1,200 points while playing for six teams. At the peak of his career, the talented center was one of the more prolific scorers in the league. Following his NHL run, Nicholls’s natural abilities provided the means for him to continue to be a significant contributor to the teams he worked with. Recently, Nicholls was part of the coaching staff that guided the L.A. Kings to their first Stanley Cup win in 47 years.

Nicholls has teamed up with Hollywood stuntman and filmmaker Ace Underhill, to develop and launch ASMFree. Underhill has over 15 years experience in the movie, TV, and music-video world, working with such luminaries as Snoop Dogg, Coldplay, Rihanna, Foo Fighters, and other acclaimed artists. His technical and entrepreneurial career began at a young age, with his developing several businesses including a production company and recording studio. Underhill proved to be so proficient with computers that he earned two years of college credits before graduating high school, and substituted computer languages for state-required foreign languages. He is the sole technical architect of AllSportsMarket (ASM), developer of the app.

According to Nicholls, “AllSportsMarket is taking it to the next level by opening up a whole new world of fun and opportunity for sports fans everywhere. It’s simple. You buy and sell teams like stocks on the stock market. When they win, you win!”

“ASM is a quantum leap beyond fantasy sports,” adds Underhill. “We know fans love consuming all the data they can find, following their players and bragging about them, but something is missing… a REAL connection to their favorite teams. We enable fans to own the game. Working tirelessly for over a decade, we finally unlocked new value for the fans in the sports trading revolution.”

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