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7 Tips for a Successful Power Play

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The Power Play is an important aspect of the game of hockey. Your team has the upper hand as they have an extra man on the ice. To capitalize on your opponent’s penalty, try to keep these tips in mind when you are put in a Power Play situation:

1. Attack with SPEED

• Gain the opponent’s zone with possession of the puck
• Create a scoring opportunity (avoid setting up if the opportunity to put the puck on net is there)

2. Keep the Puck Moving


• Use hard, firm, flat passes
• Try not to over-stickhandle the puck
• Quick movement of the puck

3. Be PATIENT but always play INTENSE

• It may take several passes to create a scoring opportunity—you have two full minutes to make the right play
• As the player without the puck, try to see the game through the eyes of the players with the puck (creativity)

4. Read Your Opponent’s Penalty Kill (PK) System

• The PK might be aggressive, in which case you want to get the puck deep in the zone and move the puck quickly
• The PK might be passive, in which case you can attack the net immediately
• The PK might be a combination of both aggressive and passive, in which case you want to adjust your attack into the offensive zone accordingly

5. Keep Your Feet Moving

• Be a threat
• Exchange positions with your teammates. Try not to be predictable.

6. Shoot to Score

• Shoot when you have the option. Look for an open shooting lane.
• Quick release—unexpected shots
• Maintain proper weight transfer on your shot. Shoot as if you want to put the puck through the net.

7. Be Creative

• Know your team’s plays and be able to execute them. Don’t be afraid to try something new—catch your opponents off guard.
• Communicate with your teammates

Published with permission of CARHA Hockey.

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