7 Quick Rec Hockey Drills

By Frank Celentano

Most recreational hockey players don’t have much spare time to get to the rink in the mornings or evenings to work on technique. If you can get in an hour a week of stick time, you are definitely on the right track to improving your game. Here are 7 quick rec hockey drills you can work on:

  1. Explosive starts and stops: Skate quickly to the blue line and stop. Then skate fast to the red line and stop again. Turn and work it the other way. Repeat at least five times.
  2. Crossovers: Keeping your stick on the inside, skate clockwise through the circles while working on your crossovers. Then do the same counterclockwise. Repeat each direction five times.
  3. Back skate: Skate backwards through the circles at least five times.
  4. Wrist shots: Starting out with the puck behind the net, skate to the blue line. Then accelerate to the net and take a wrist shot. Repeat five times.
  5. Shooting: Line up five pucks in the slot. Take quick slapshots, wrist shots, and snap shots.
  6. Technique: Spread five pucks out at least three feet apart. Stick handle through them with a puck, focusing on technique rather than speed. Repeat five times.
  7. Finishing touches: End your workout with at least three starts and stops.

Remember: if you can’t get to the rink to practice, try these quick rec hockey drills at a roller rink with a roller puck. Practice makes perfect!

Frank Celentano was a Senior Vice President and Regional Manager of a New England-based bank. Regretfully, Frank passed away unexpectedly on February 8, 2014. We miss seeing you out on the ice, Frank.

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