5 Habits for Hockey Success

5 Habits for Hockey Success

These 5 habits for hockey success will allow you to work on your skills, while helping you to improve your overall athletic performance.

By Emma McLean

It’s no secret that hockey originated in the colder climates, and has always been thought of as the sport played in the northern United States and Canada. But with the ever-increasing interest in hockey worldwide, more and more indoor hockey arenas have sprung up. Even in areas of the States that are known more for desert cactus than ice rinks.

This exploding interest in hockey has allowed the National Hockey League to expand its reach throughout the U.S., encouraging teams to compete in more intense competition. The NHL boasts some of the best athletes in the world, who are focused and agile. Some of the challenges they face involve both mental awareness as well as physical prowess.

Because of the intense level of competition that is usually matched by opponents, betting on hockey has never been so widely available. NHL betting odds are regularly changing, which is why it’s important to keep checking them for accurate predictions about team and individual player’s chances of winning.

But for the recreational hockey player, there are numerous ways to master the game. These 5 habits for hockey success will allow you to work on your skills, while even helping you to improve your athletic performance overall.

1. Training

This might seem obvious, but it’s essential to focus on training methods. In order to play the best hockey possible, try more aerobic-based exercises and work on your speed. We cannot emphasize the importance of strength enough, especially when it comes to your legs. The additional weight of your gear means it’s critical to be able to skate as much as possible and as fast as you can.

Another important but often overlooked thing to work on is posture. Hockey players must focus on keeping their head raised to be alert to anything, with their feet hip-width apart. Doing so allows you to maintain a strong stance while keeping your balance.

2. Stay Low

Working on your stance and posture allows you to keep a low center of gravity while staying secure on your feet. Keeping your stick on the ice and your knees slightly bent will work wonders for your game.

3. Communication

Communicating with your team is essential to hockey success. Learn to effectively communicate and tune in to the signals from your teammates. Communication is essential in helping your team maintain control of the game. It also helps form an effective bond with your teammates.

4. Mindset

Mental acuity from such practices as meditation and deeper thinking can allow you to manage emotions during stressful times. They help improve focus and provide a sense of purpose and clarity. Taking the time to do some breathing exercises can offer some valuable perspective that you can bring to your game and use to feel even more engaged. Not to mention, mental exercises like mindfulness or meditation allow you the opportunity for spiritual growth and improved understanding, which can improve your overall well-being.

5. Confidence

An important facet that comes with working on your mindset is developing a sense of confidence. This allows you to pass the puck with purpose and to take the shots that will ultimately lead to scoring. A great way to change your attitude and mindset is to “fake it till you make it.” This encourages you to act like you have newfound confidence, and will find yourself doubting your decisions much less. There is very little room for self-doubt in hockey, which is why it’s so important to work towards eliminating it.

A bit of work goes a long way when done over time, which is how good habits are created. Remember that you cannot immediately reap the benefits of change, and that effective progress takes time to realize. Dedication, commitment, and motivation are worth pursuing and many hockey players rely on their teammates to encourage them.

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